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Twitter Mentions

UPDATED — 20 SEP 2022

I post a number of mentions on Twitter, and this is a great way to get your name/brand out there to a larger audience. My tweets/retweets typically have exposure to several million people on Twitter.

I want to help you spread the word about your work, no matter what your “artistic” path might be. I do this by retweeting and otherwise interacting with you on Twitter so you get more exposure. But you need to help me, too!

I group my followers into Twitter Lists, and the people mentioned are taken from those lists. Current Lists are:

SPACE — Space and Science related tweeps.

PRODUCTION — Video and Music producers, Performing artists (other than musicians), and related tweeps.

WRITERS and WRITERS2 — Writers and authors. There is no real difference between these lists, and they exist simply because there was a time when Twitter limited lists to 256 members.

WRITING HELPERS — Publishers, agents, promotional services, and other things helpful to writers.

ZOOS — Zoos and certain museums.

ARTISTS — Artists, especially graphic artists.

MUSIC — Musicians, bands, and such.

POETS — Poets.

TV SHOWS — Television and radio personalities and stations.

BEST BETS — Personal favorites.

RETWEETING FOLKS — Tweeps who retweet me. As a general rule, tweeps in this list are also in one (or more) of the above lists. Each time a tweeps retweets me, I add them to this list. Note that retweeting a mention does NOT count! You will need to retweet my other tweets to get added to this list. This list will be purged periodically to remove tweeps who no longer retweet me. Generally speaking, I retweet people in this list about one time per day. Maybe a little more often, but not much. It should be noted that there are tweeps who will retweet me a couple of times to get put into this list, and then they stop. That behavior repeats over and over again. The system I use tracks this behavior now. If a tweep has been flagged for this kind of behavior, they won’t be added back here until they are retweeting me on a daily basis.

NEW — These are people who have recently followed me (and who I have followed back). This list is also purged periodically. The tweeps in this list are retweeted by me pretty heavily. In a practical sense, I tend to retweet these people very close to 100%. Note that if you are still in this list and retweet me, you will not be added to the RETWEETING FOLKS list because I retweet you far more often from the this list. It is possible to get moved from the NEW list into one of the SPEC lists (see below) if you are retweeting me a lot.

SPEC Lists — There are several of these, but the list names all contain the string SPEC. These are people who retweet or otherwise interact with me a LOT. I retweet the members of these lists at nearly 100% as well. The automated system only looks at these lists on a “casual” basis, that is to say, that your retweeting of me isn’t tracked very closely…it’s assumed that you will continue to retweet me on a regular basis. Every so often, however, the system WILL look at these lists. If you are no longer retweeting or interacting with me on a regular, active basis, you will likely be dropped by the system.

Please feel free to ask questions and I’ll be happy to answer.

Keep Loving!