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Twitter Mentions

I post a number of mentions every week on Twitter, and this is a great way to get your name/brand out there to a larger audience. My tweets/retweets typically have exposure to several million people on Twitter.

I group my followers into Twitter Lists, and the people mentioned are taken from those lists. Current Lists are:

SPACE — Space and Science related tweeps.

PRODUCTION — Video and Music producers, Performing artists (other than musicians), and related tweeps.

WRITERS and WRITERS2 — Writers and authors.

WRITING HELPERS — Publishers, agents, promotional services, and other things helpful to writers.

ZOOS — Zoos and certain museums.

ARTISTS — Artists, especially graphic artists.

MUSIC — Musicians, bands, and such.

POETS — Poets.

TV SHOWS — Television and radio personalities and stations.

BEST BETS — Personal favorites.

RETWEETING FOLKS — Tweeps who retweet me. As a general rule, tweeps in this list are also in one (or more) of the above lists. Each time a tweeps retweets me, I add them to this list. Note that retweeting a mention does NOT count! You will need to retweet my other tweets to get added to this list. This list will be purged periodically to remove tweeps who no longer retweet me.

In a nutshell, the more lists you are in, the higher your likelihood of being being mentioned becomes.

This is because while certain tweeps are indeed handpicked to be included in the mentions, the vast majority are selected randomly from the included lists by some self-written software. It is entirely possible that those in multiple lists will be mentioned multiple times.

When someone follows me and I follow back, I put them into the appropriate list(s). I can only go by the person’s description. If it says something like, “John Doe, crime drama author…” I know they need to be added to the WRITERS or WRITERS2 list.

While not every mention is used every week, here is a brief summary of the ones I frequently use:

MM (#MondayMuse) — Used for creative people like: Writers/Authors, Artists, Musicians, Poets, and Performers.

MM (#MondayMention) — A variant of the above but used for any and all lists.

WW (#WriterWednesday) — Used for Writers and Poets.

FF (#FollowFriday) — Essentially the same as #MondayMention.

Now, this is important…members of the RETWEETING FOLKS list are included in EVERY mention cycle that is sent out.

Please feel free to ask questions and I’ll be happy to answer.

Keep Loving!