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This promotional opportunity offers pages dedicated to a particular entity.

At this time, we have two categories available, both for authors. The first if for those writing in the erotica world. The second is for all other genres.

We will add additional categories as the need arises, and those wishing to suggest a new category are encouraged to contact us with their ideas.

The Profiles can be thought of as a mini-website to increase your exposure. While you will not be able to edit your Profile directly, we will be happy to make reasonable periodic changes.

If you wish to have a Profile Page, please send us the following:

  1. The category you wish to appear in or a suggested new category
  2. Your Name as you wish it to appear on your profile
  3. Your website full URL
  4. A brief text (about 2,500 words maximum) about you and other needed details
  5. A contact email address that will be a part of your profile for readers to use to reach you should they desire
  6. Up to three (3) images in JPG format that you want to appear on your profile

Please Note: Items 1-5 above must be provided as text in the body of your email, NOT as attachments. Item 6 above must be in JPG format and attached to your email. Any requests not in compliance with these simple rules will be rejected without notice.

Send your Profile request to:

Please allow up to two (2) weeks for your profile to go live. You will be notified when your page is online.

Keep Loving!