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Melodee’s Rules for Authors

Each Friday in my blog I will post one of my Rules for Authors. You are invited to comment and/or ask questions about the Rule.

The idea here is to get your name on the comments…search engines scan those comments and drop you into the results. This gets you out there in front of other people, thus increasing your exposure.

As far as the comments go, I really don’t care if your agree with me or not. I will never delete/edit a comment because of that.

If I have the time, I may (or may not!) reply to your comment. In general, feel free to reply to the comments made by others. Discussions are a good thing and strongly encouraged.

Generally speaking, the Rules for Authors are actually designed to stimulate discussion. In other words, a particular rule may not be valid at all. Think of it as poking the badger. With a short stick.

One thing that WILL get your comment deleted is drifting off-topic totally. It’s just fine to plug your book(s), especially when your are using one of your works as an example of your point. Just don’t comment with something like, “I agree! Read my book!” Yeah, that dog ain’t gonna walk.