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Knights of Desire

Knights of Desire


Melodee Aaron

Book Two in the Flights of Fancy Series

Shane Rawls has been a marine for sixty years. She’s seen a lot in that time, but she’s never seen real knights and dragons, though, especially the delicious Sir Landis and Sir Clemmons. As she finds herself attracted to the two men, Shane falls into the clutches of the evil king of the dragons.

Sir Clemmons and Sir Landis have a war to fight. The lizards are killing people, including Landis’ wife, and now they have kidnapped the beautiful woman from the stars who has enchanted them both.

Shane, Landis, and Clemmons must deal with their attraction all while trying to stay alive and end a war that has cost the lives of countless men and dragons. Can the three survive the evils of this medieval world? Can they overcome the limits of their feelings and find love in the aftermath?

“Those who have read my other works know I like to push the envelope, and Knights of Desire is no different. I had fun with this story, but I like polyamorous tales. Working with three or more sets of emotions is a challenge I enjoy.” ~ Melodee ~

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