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As Darkness Falls

As Darkness Falls

Flights of Fancy 3


Melodee Aaron

Released by Siren Publishing

Book Three in the Flights of Fancy Series

Placed together as part of the Daedalus crew as they make first contact with a people deeply divided by civil war, Lieutenant Commander Rabine Salas and Lieutenant Cliff Rochester soon find they can’t keep their hands off of each other.

Crosley, the leader of the Ling rebels, and his wife Leilend have been together for many years as both lovers and con-conspirators fighting for freedom and equality for their people.

When the conflicting and puzzling stories presented to Rabine and Cliff by the planet’s Security Chief Logan force them to make direct contact with the Ling, they find that Crosley and Leilend have stimulating powers of the mind. The intimate contact with the Ling couple makes sparks of passion and love fly, but the Daedalus crew soon learns that the Ling harbor a dark secret.

Can the blossoming love between the four overcome the horrors of the past?

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