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Distant Dreams II – Female POV

Distant Dreams II – Female POV


Melodee Aaron

I remember the first day I met Eric. It was at JSC in Houston, and we were to start our training together. We’d already trained for a couple of years separately, but now we would spend the next twelve months together as a team. Funny that then, some two hundred years after JSC was founded, very few people knew who Johnson, the ‘J’ in JSC, even was. Even Eric didn’t know. So I told him.

He smiled and his face lit up like a flashbulb. Not just using his lips, when Eric smiled at me, his whole face smiled. He made a slight bow and said, “Alease, I can see that the next fifty years are going to be fun.”

I could tell that Eric loved me. It was in the way that he smiled when he looked at me and the way his face would sometimes go slack when he watched me and didn’t think I saw him. Eric didn’t realize that I watched him all of the time.

The night of the day I met Eric was a long one for me. In my dreams I imagined his hands moving over my body, stroking and caressing me and sending shivers through me like an icy wind from up north. When Eric moved his tongue across my skin, the cold shivers vanished, replaced by waves of heat and fire through my mind and body.

When his fingers plunged into my pussy and ass and his tongue swirled maddeningly around my clit, an orgasm slammed into me, causing stars to explode in my mind and rocking me more than the big boosters on the ship we would soon ride to the future. And Eric kept at it, fucking me with his hands and mouth, pushing me farther and farther into the throes of climactic bliss.

I could feel in my dreams his hard cock, long and throbbing, its bulbous head oozing pre-cum against my leg as he writhed in his oral and manual attentions to my pussy and ass. Eric pulled his fingers from my holes and grabbed my hips in his hands, pulling me tight to his mouth, and his tongue forced its way first deeply into my cunt, and then darted wetly into my ass. It seemed to go on forever, Eric’s passionate play with me, but I knew it would have to end soon.

With no warning, Eric pulled his mouth from my clit, the pulsing button making a wet pop as it slipped from between his lips, and he moved to straddle my head. Grabbing my hair in his fists, he pushed his cock against my lips. I remember seeing the loving and passionate smile on his face as he spoke to me. “Suck my cock, Alease.”

I parted my lips just a little and Eric thrust forward. His cock slipped into my mouth and before I knew it, his balls bounced against my chin. He pumped against my face, his dick moving rhythmically past my teeth, across my tongue, and deep down my throat. I could see the tendons in his muscular neck tense and bulge as he fucked my mouth. At the deepest point of a thrust, Eric pulled back and as the mushroom head of his cock ran across my tongue, I tasted the first hot spurt of his cum.

His dick came from my mouth and Eric’s cum exploded from his cock splashing across my lips and onto my face. The hot, sticky fluid seemed to jet from his pulsing cock for minutes, and I found myself licking and sucking to get as much of it as I could into my mouth, not wanting to waste any of the savory delight.

In my dream, Eric knelt beside me and watched as I wiped his cum from my face and I licked my fingers clean, and then he took me in his strong arms and we cuddled together in sleep.

I remember the day I had finished some psychological testing for Dr. Franks, the mission’s senior mental health officer. She sat down across the table and looked at me over the pile of papers covered in inkblots and other esoteric pictures. “Alease, I’m concerned about something.”

I knew what was coming. It seemed I always did in those days. “What’s bothering you?”

She fumbled with a few of the papers for a moment. “You’re becoming very attached to Colonel Randolph.”

I smiled a little at the mention of Eric’s name. I still do. I just can’t help myself. “Yes, Eric and I are a good team.”

Dr. Franks shook her head. “No, I mean it looks like you’re becoming romantically involved with him.” She paused for a moment, a trick every psychiatrist I’ve ever known used. “You know full well there are problems with that.”

And she was right. The biggest problem was that the mission profile prohibited any romantic involvement between the crewmembers. If word got out that Eric and I were in love, some red tape loving bureaucrat someplace would either scrub the mission or pull Eric or I from the crew. Either way, that would be very bad. The fact of the matter was, and it was very obvious to me, that Dr. Franks was a trained, experienced professional, and that had allowed her to see through the façade that Eric and I kept up to cover our feelings. If I could fool her, then everyone else would remain deeply in the dark.

I plunged ahead. “We’re just good friends, and we like working together, Dr. Franks. Nothing more. If we’re going to spend the next fifty years together, we need to get along, and being friends and learning about each other is a good way to do that.”

Dr. Franks just stared at me for a long time. I think she bought what I was selling. “Very well, but be careful, Alease.”

I remember the day when I first thought something was wrong between Eric and I. If I were totally honest, it was my behavior that had tipped off Franks nine months earlier that he and I were attracted to each other. In all our time together, Eric had never showed anyone other than me that he loved and wanted me.

Part of the cover that Eric used was to flirt a little with women in the training center, and there were a lot of girls there. Technicians, engineers, administrative assistants, and other positions had their fair-share of women. And some were pretty cute. I have to admit that I even fantasized about a few of the girls. Like everyone, I’ve read the articles about how women often wonder what it would be like to be with another woman, to touch the soft skin of her breasts with my fingers and tongue. When Eric and I are together, I love the taste of my juices on my hands after I play with myself while he watches me, and I hunger to lick his cock clean after he fucks me, the flavor of my pussy mixing with his cum after churning in my cunt.

I often wondered what it would be like to lick a woman’s clit while I fucked her pussy with a dildo and fingered her ass. And how would it feel as she did the same for me? Would it feel the same as when Eric did those things to me? Or are the physical feelings so special because of the love between Eric and I? Could I feel that same love for another woman?

I still don’t know the answers to those questions, but that didn’t stop me from wondering and imagining. Sometimes those fantasies even included Eric. I could see myself in bed with a woman when Eric came into the room. He sat for a time just watching she and I as we licked and played with other, his cock standing up inside his pants like a pole supporting a tent.

After a while, Eric opened his pants and stroked his dick as he smiled at the two of us bringing each other to a string of screaming orgasms. I watched as the slickness of his pre-cum lubricated his fist as Eric pumped his cock slowly up and down.

Finally, he stood and dropped his pants to the floor. As he came to the bed, Eric shrugged off his shirt and let my lover and I see his body, muscular and tanned, before he climbed onto the bed to join us.

Grabbing my hair in one hand, he pushed his cock into my mouth as he flipped my lover onto her belly and then pulled her hips up to make her kneel. Pushing my head next to her hip, Eric rammed his cock far down my throat before pulling out and shoving his dick into her pussy. He alternated fucking her cunt and my mouth until his cum erupted onto the cheeks of my lover’s ass, running down the crack to flow across the pink, wet lips of her pussy. Eric pushed my face into the glistening fluid spreading slowly over the tanned skin of our mutual lover and I lapped at the wetness.

I wondered if such an encounter would bring Eric’s attention back to me. Lately, he’d been flirting more and more with the women at JSC, more than what I could justify as being needed for a cover story for our attraction. I just wasn’t sure.

Then again, it didn’t really matter too much because we would be away from JSC and the women soon enough. In just over three months, we would launch.

But the women and Eric’s flirtation did make me mad.

I remember the day before launch. Eric had continued to flirt with the girls at JSC, and I never could work up the nerve to confront him. Maybe I was just too much in love and didn’t want to hurt his feelings. I knew that he loved me more than enough to never hurt me, so he was just trying to cover up things from Franks and the other mission managers.

But it did make me mad. Sometimes I hated the women and wanted to kill them all. Other times, I still wondered if inviting one, or more, of them to join Eric and I would help. Sometimes, I found my anger aimed at Eric.

In my dreams, I sometimes hated him for paying attention to the women. I would yell and scream at him, I would hit him, try to hurt him, but I couldn’t actually do any of that. I cared too much for him.

But none of that mattered at all then. At 0600 the next day, we would be away from all of the distractions, on our way to Abirutu Phi on a mission that would take some forty-five years to complete. Well, that’s how long it would be to observers back on Earth. Thanks to the ion drives of the ship, Eric and I would reach just over 95% of the speed of light, and for us on the ship, only about fourteen years would pass.

Eric would age even less, though. As the pilot and flight engineer, I would spend a good deal of time out of hibernation and awake to monitor the ship and it’s systems. If everything went perfectly, I would be awake for about five years total. But Eric would be in the deep deathlike sleep of hibernation for almost the entire trip. Until we reached our destination, we wouldn’t need his skills as a biologist and life science specialist.

That last night on Earth, I dreamed of what it would be like to make love to Eric in zero-G. I guess it’s not important to the average person, but as a pilot and engineer it’s important to me. It wouldn’t really be zero-G. The ion motors give a little thrust, a couple of tenths of a G, but it’s there. So we really wouldn’t fuck in a true weightless environment, but it would be close.

Close enough that my dreams focused on the way Eric so enjoyed to cum on my face and tits. I could see his cum leaping from his dick as I stroked him and it floated around the cabin in perfect spheres so I could catch them on my tongue like drifting raindrops. And I knew the micro-gravity would do wonders for my forty-something frame, too. My tits would stand up and be nearly as perky as they were when I was twenty-something. I could even catch a ball of his cum precisely on my nipple and lick it off.

In my dreams, Eric and I took full advantage of the low gravity of the ship. We used positions that wouldn’t be physically possible inside the steep gravity well of Earth, or even the moon. And age had nothing to do with it…it was all Newton and his little toy.

But Eric’s flirtation continued, and I hated it. And I hated him for doing it.

I heard voices, and one was familiar. Dr. Franks said to someone, “We have a rare chance now to study her and find out what went wrong.”

I tried to speak and my voice worked, though it sounded tinny. “Dr. Franks, where am I?”

“You’re in the laboratory, and everything is fine.” She hesitated. “Alease, do you remember when we talked about what happened to Eric?”

I remembered the rage I felt when Eric flirted with the girl at mission control on the communications set. It was only three weeks into the mission, and Eric wasn’t due to go into hibernation for another week.

With a clinical calmness born of a lack of adrenaline, I opened the forward port airlock and watched without emotion as the cabin pressure blew Eric into space. He clawed at the door and yelled, but his screams were lost to the vacuum of space.

I should have known better than to fall in love. Accidents in space leave few cripples, but funny things happen sometimes. When I crash-landed on the moon, I hit the lunar surface at something over five thousand meters per second, but I was literally at the Tycho Base hospital. Actually, I hit the base of the building. So they were able to get me inside soon, and I lived…sort of. I ended up as what the experts call a brain-computer hybrid. Most people call me a brain in a jar with a bunch of wires connected to it. I have no face, no arms, no organs, nothing…just my thoughts. And passion and love fill my thoughts. And my thoughts are always of Eric.

But how could I love anyone? And, for that matter, how could anyone love me?

I tried to cry, but the tears wouldn’t come.