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Melodee’s Rules for Authors — Number Ten

Number Ten Generally Speaking, Writing Experts Aren’t I want you to think about something totally unrelated to writing for a minute… How many people are there professing they are “experts” in social media or search engine optimization (SEO) or various other subjects related to online marketing? Millions? More? Why are there so many? Because there …

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THWT Question for 08 SEP 2020

Today’s Two Hundred Word Tuesday question is: Do you have a day job as well? Keep Loving!

Melodee’s Rules for Authors — Number Nine

Number Nine Final Drafts Are Still Pretty Rough OK, maybe they’re REALLY rough. No matter how carefully you read your manuscript, there will be errors. Grammar, spelling, syntax, and all of the rest will creep in and entrench the errors so deep that you, as the writer, can’t even see them. Logic and flow errors …

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The Psychology of Writing

The Psychology of Writing Take a look at this list of names: Penelope Delta, Ernest Hemingway, Raymond Andrews, Kurt Cobain, Eleanor Marx, Sylvia Plath, John O’Brien, Len Doherty, Charles Williams, Ernst Toller, and Myrtle Reed. Some of the names may be at least a little familiar to you. A few should be well known to …

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Melodee’s Rules for Authors — Number Eight

Number Eight Don’t Fear The Editors This Rule is a rough one for most writers, no matter if they are a seasoned professional author with decades in the business or if they are a new writer struggling with their first story. Editors can be intimidating, and that’s a good thing. It is the editor—at least …

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THWT Question for 25 AUG 2020

Here’s the Two Hundred Word Tuesday question for today: Are any of your published stories based on events in your own life? Keep Loving!

Melodee’s Rules for Authors — Number Seven

Number Seven Never Underestimate The Power Of The Backlist As frightening as it might be, some writers don’t even know what the backlist is. So, let me quote from Wikipedia… A backlist is a list of older books available from a publisher, as opposed to titles newly published (sometimes called the front list). Building a …

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Melodee’s Rules for Authors — Number Six

Number Six Odds Are The Style Manual Is Wrong Does anyone really know how many different style manuals are out there? It must be in the hundreds, if not thousands. Every major university has one. Every major publication has one. Pretty much every industry has their own. Some publishers have one they use that they …

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THWT Question for 11 AUG 2020

Here’s today’s Two Hundred Word Tuesday question: What was the hardest part of writing your FIRST PUBLISHED book? Keep Loving!

Melodee’s Rule for Authors — Number Five

Number Five Agents Who Represent Single Titles Instead Of The Author Are Con-Artists Do you have an agent? If no, you need to look into getting one. To make it to the real big time in the writing industry, you really need representation. Yeah, you can make some money on your own, but not much. …

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