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THWT Question for 27 NOV 2018

The Two Hundred Word Tuesday question for today is: It’s been said, “If at first you don’t succeed, redefine success.” How do you define success as a writer? Keep Loving!

THWT Question for 20 NOV 2018

And here is today’s Two Hundred Word Tuesday question: Are there certain minor characters from your prior stories you would like to go back to? Keep Loving!

Melodee’s Rules for Authors — Number Two

Number Two Never Pay To Have Your Book Edited See also Rules One, Three, and Four as they are closely related to this Rule. As outlined in Rule Number One, editing is a part of the cost of doing business, but that cost belongs to the publisher, NOT the author. The biggest reason is Rule …

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THWT Question for 06 NOV 2018

Here is the US Election Day Two Hundred Word Tuesday question: Do you write full or part time and what are your plans for your future writing career? And remember to GET OUT AND VOTE! Keep Loving!

Melodee’s Rules for Authors — Number One

Since we are starting over on a new website and blog, I decided to reset my Rules for Authors back to the beginning so as to keep things straight. Please feel free to comment…I may or may not answer, but I do read every comment. I more or less have to since most are held …

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