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Steve’s Version

Hey! I like that! Call me SB!

Just like LN, Melodee asked me to write a little blurb about her so you might have a chance to get to know her through someone else’s eyes. While I haven’t known Melodee as long as LN has, I’ve learned a few things about her in the ten or so years we’ve been friends.

The very first thing her friends learn about Melodee is not to call her “Mel”. Really. I mean it. Her dad called her that, and I understand that her agent sometimes calls her that. I’m not sure why her agent gets by with it, but she does. Also, I gather that there is one other person who can call her “Mel” and live to tell the tale, but that’s it. Melodee hates it. Save yourself some pain and suffering and use all seven letters.

Next, you’ll learn that Melodee is a liar. She claims that she’s shy and quiet and reserved. Bullshit. I think that when she’s around strangers, she does put on a bit of a front, but we all do that in order to make a good and lasting impression. When she gets to know you, she really lets her hair down.

Finally, she’s a huge flirt. No, that’s not right. Melodee is in the top two biggest flirts I’ve ever known. She might be in the top one. She can get just about anyone’s motor running in a matter of minutes, male or female, and then shut them down about as fast. I don’t mean that in a bad way, though, because she never hurts your feelings. Somehow, and I have no clue how, she makes you feel good about going home without her.

Like LN and Melodee, I do a little writing now and then. I don’t think LN ever felt threatened in a professional way by Melodee. He never thought that Melodee might steal his readers. Me? There was a time that Melodee scared the crap out of me. Then I figured out that she doesn’t like to write the same kinds of stories that I write. Notice that I didn’t say that she can’t write them, because she can, and I think hers are better than mine. She just doesn’t like to do it. That means she leaves my readers alone.

Thank God!


Portland, Maine