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Justin’s Version

By trade, I’m a musician. I can write a song and have written several hundred over my time in the spotlight, but the very concept of writing a book is mind-boggling to me. I can’t even imagine writing a song that takes up 800 pages. Yet Melodee does it all the time.

My mates and I first met Melodee sometime around 1989 or so. Some people, particularly the critics, would say that our careers as musicians had already ended, but then, as now, we’re making more money than the critics are, so who cares what they say? We were told by one of the roadies that a deaf girl was in the audience and he laughingly wondered why a deaf person would come to a concert. Our PR hack decided it would be a good thing to do something special for her, so after the opening number, we brought her up on stage.

She sat there on the floor in front of me and rested her hand on the monitor speaker. The music that close to the box was loud enough that I could see her hair being blown by the force of the sound, but she couldn’t hear it at all. And yet, by feel alone she was able to sing along with us on every song in perfect time.

Ever since that night, we have called Melodee our biggest fan. She’s been to at least 70 of our concerts all over the world, and rarely misses a chance to see us.

It’s a bit ironic that our biggest fan has never heard a single note of any of our songs.


London, England