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Melodee’s Official Biography

Melodee was born in 1971 in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri. Anyone who has ever watched the Beverly Hillbillies will know that the Ozarks is absolutely awash in storytellers. One of Melodee’s earliest memories is sitting on the front porch of her great-grandma’s house as the old woman told stories about the old days.

“Fanny” by name, great-grandma could remember the days before airplanes. And she talked about men landing on the moon. The stories blended modern technology and society with old values and down-home common sense. The blend didn’t always coexist perfectly.

Be that as it may, coming from a long line of storytellers, Melodee soon tried her hand at the craft. Writing stories in grade and high school that often invoked the ire of her teachers…she was never able to fit into the mainstream of “proper” literary attitude. Even non-fiction work drew the attention, all negative, of her teachers and school administrators. A paper she wrote in 7th grade supporting the death penalty by means of public hangings for sex offenders gained her three days off from school.

Attending SEMO University, Melodee soon came to the attention of several frat houses for her habit of reading Penthouse Forum in the school cafeteria. She also came to the attention of the dean and, eventually, the chancellor. After three years of study, a year off to work at Steak ‘n’ Shake waiting tables, and another year of school, Melodee finally received her degree in Liberal Arts.

Sometime around 1987, Melodee discovered that she could actually make money telling stories. She took a job at a local library reading to kids after school. Oh, and sorting books on the shelves. Sadly, the job lasted less than a year because Melodee usually ignored the books she was reading and told her own stories.

Because of being a voracious reader of science fiction, most of Melodee’s stories took on a sci-fi spin. She has sold, under a number of other names, more than 1,000 short stories and articles that have appeared in magazines and Internet publications. In addition, she has a list of more than 750 novels published. She also has a number of screen and tele-plays to her credit as well as a selection of post-secondary text books in the science and technology fields.

In 2005, Melodee turned her attention to Erotica Romance. This seemed a logical step since all of the stories she writes have a romantic element in the plot. The addition of erotica to the mix simply leaves the bedroom door open.

The interesting part is that Melodee decided to do something different with her name for the Erotica Romance stories. Interesting, yes. Surprising for Melodee, no. Instead of searching for a catchy, or cheesy, pen name, Melodee decided to use her real name.

Melodee lives near San Diego, California now in a small town whose claim to fame is that it is the former home of Dennis the Catman, may he rest in peace. The high desert is an interesting place. Between getting about 4 inches of rain a year, the annual wildfires, the occasional 16+ inch snowfall, and 100+ degree heat, it never gets boring! But it’s never really green.

She lives with her 5 cats (Jake, Dash-Away, Fireworm, Caution, and Lilac) and her two dogs Orbit and Shylo. Yes, she will probably die a crazy old cat lady!

Also joining Melodee in her life is her family. This consists of her husband Jack, her adopted daughters Amanda (born 2000) and Debbie (born 2002), and her son Jack, Jr. (JJ) born 2008.