The Winds of Change

Hello to All My Friends

As hinted at in my Tweet and Group posts, this blog post is to give all of you a little bit of information about changes coming soon that will impact both my online presence and the time I can spend actually doing what I love.

In a word, Writing.


Many of you know that I have a sort of “Family Business” that for the last decade or so I’ve been deeply involved with. While I’m very proud of the company and the things we’ve been able to do to help “Artists” (writers, graphic artists, musicians, and more), my commitment to building the business has cut into my time in a major way. Over the years, as the business became more and more successful, I have made several changes in an effort to garner more “free time” for my family and passions, but these efforts have only been of moderate success. The time has come to make a more effective change.

To this end, effective on 12 MAR 2021 at the close of business, I will be stepping almost totally away from the company.

The long-time COO (I’ll just call her Pauline) will assume the duties of CEO/President of the company. My daughter Amanda will take over the reigns as the COO. The only position I will retain is Chair of the Board of Directors. In short, my time spent running the company will go from about 60 hours a week down to around 4 hours a month.

The rest of my time will be spent doing, as I said above, what I love…


At this time, I have some 40-odd works in progress, and some are quite old with as many as 10 years having passed since I even looked at them. In other words, get ready for a flurry of new novels in the near future.

Should be fun!

Additionally, I’ll be able to spend more time online to not only promote my own works, but to help you promote your works as well. This does not mean, however, that I won’t be going head-to-head with a few of you to sell some books! See above.

I’d like to close this posting with a few things aimed at Pauline and Amanda…

I have absolute and total faith in their abilities and skills. I know they will succeed. No question about that. Now all you have to do is be better than I am at delegation. Get people in place who can help you with your mission.

Thanks to all.

Keep Loving!

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