THWT Question for 01 DEC 2020

The Two Hundred Word Tuesday question for the first day of December is:

In all of the stories you have written, what is your favorite scene?

Keep Loving!


  1. Avalee was pinned squarely beneath him. When she didn’t answer right away, he grabbed her face and turned it toward his own. His deep concern was obvious.

    All Avalee could do was giggle. She couldn’t help herself and decided there was only one way to stop. She grabbed Devon Ryan’s head and pulled it toward her own until their lips met in a crushing kiss.

    They lay frozen in that position for a millisecond, until the captain pulled away abruptly, causing the boat to rock back and forth. He stared down at her with his arms fully extended on either side of her head.

    “No. This isn’t right. I’m sorry, Lee. I’ll admit you’ve confused and confounded me, but . . .”

    Avalee reached up and pulled the scarf off of her head. She then began unbuttoning her shirt and loosening the tight wrapping around her chest.

    As her breasts broke free from their hiding place, Captain Ryan’s eyes grew big. He jumped to his feet.

    “What is this? Who are you?” He bent down and grabbed her by the arm, savagely lifting her to her feet. Her long braids cascaded down her back as she looked up into his confused eyes.

    1. Cool!

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