THWT Question for 17 NOV 2020

Today’s Two Hundred Word Tuesday question is:

How many books/stories do you normally have working at the same time?

Keep Loving!


  1. Usually have two because I write in two genres – romantic suspense and historical (mainly Regency). One lightens the load of the other. Besides, with my ephemeral mind, at least two things at once are necessary! Also, like most writers, there’s another one stewing away in the back of my mind too.

  2. Like everyone else, my number varies all over the place. I would guess that a typical range is from about 3 up to as many as 15, but I think a good single number would be 5-ish.

    The problem for me comes in when you understand that these WIPs are across all of my many pen names (about 25) and the works are all over the genre map. But the simple fact is, this is a good thing…

    If I feel like I’m getting bogged down and writer’s block is closing in on me, I can switch to something totally different for a while.

    Keep Loving!

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