THWT Question for 10 NOV 2020

Here is today’s Two Hundred Word Tuesday question:

What book(s) are you reading now?

Keep Loving!


  1. I’ve been trading for reviews with some authors, so I’m reading a lot of romance these days. I usually avoid it, so as not to mute the voices in my head. I’ve been having trouble finding time to write, so that might be the problem. But I’m been promoting my butt off, so I hope to see that reflected in my royalties. If not, I may just move to a deserted island somewhere to sulk.

    1. Don’t do that, Fiona!

      I used to do a lot of reviews when all there was were print books. Back then, the authors and publishers actually appreciated reviews, good or bad, because it let them improve future books.

      With the explosion of self-publishing and ebooks, I’ve pretty well given up doing “formal” reviews. Oh, I’ll still do a very informal, short review of a work that I like, but I’ve found that too many times a negative review (or even a negative comment in an otherwise good review) will hurt someone’s feelings. I just don’t care to deal with the drama any longer.

      Keep Loving!

  2. Since I would have to list about 30 books if we talk about what I am reading for “business”, I’ll limit myself to what I am reading for “pleasure”…

    I just yesterday started re-reading the “Foundation” series by Issac Asimov. At a guess, I think I’ve read the 7 book series at least a couple of dozen times. But it never gets old!

    Asimov was one of the top masters of science fiction and world-building. I feel like Hari Seldon is an old, personal friend. I can sometimes see the psychohistory equations in my head.

    Yes, Asimov was THAT good.

    Keep Loving!

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