THWT Question for 20 OCT 2020

And the Two Hundred Word Tuesday for today is:

Approximately what percentage of your income comes from writing?

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  1. It’s a little difficult for me to break down without calling in the accountants.

    And I hate bean counters almost as much as I hate lawyers!

    But as an educated guess, and limiting things to actual book/story sales across all genres and my many pen names, I would say that around 20%-25% of my gross income is from writing. Again, this number is really not much more than a guess, and I would (also) guess there’s a +/- 5% margin of error…probably more to the – side of things.

    The vast majority of my income comes from my corporation, and while related to writing (and other arts), it is NOT me actually writing that earns that money.

    Keep Loving!

  2. About 1%

    1. Hi, Vonnie…

      I suspect your figure is about the norm.

      In some ways, that is somewhat predictable due to the heavy competition out there from the self-publishing writers. The market (in terms of absolute numbers for sales both in quantity and dollars) is actually up around 20% over the last decade. Problem is that those dollars are being split up by around 50 times as many writers. There just isn’t a lot of coin around for a new author to make a living.

      Keep Loving!

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