THWT Question for 18 AUG 2020

The Two Hundred Word Tuesday question for today is:

What part of your life are your friends and family always accusing you of taking too seriously?

Keep Loving!


    • John Eric Hoare on August 31, 2020 at 11:28 pm
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    As a deep-seaman in my early life I have experienced some of my stories for myself as a bisexual person. I am now in the process of re-editing my book ‘This Island of Dreams’ an LGBT book of one erotic horror novel of 40.000 words, including some long/short stories of fiction and faction. Two books I started to write when I retired from the sea in 2003 after thirty years at sea. My early life the important part of my life as a young bisexual single man. I use the online Editor Grammarly with Microsoft Word. My other work is ‘The Willing Prey’ A lengthy novel about a Superhero LGBT Warrior Woman Vampire from space. All compatible with my fantasies and fetishes in the Erotic LGBT genre. Both my books are written under the Pseudonym SCARLETT SUNDAY. with the Epilogue and my author’s profile on the last few pages of my erotica. With my third book on Instinctive Archery in the Howard Hill intuitive style. ALL NEW! Archery Games for the Instinctive Shooter. Also on in Paperback and eBook form. John.

  1. Hands down it’s my support of public zoos, aquariums, and botanical gardens.

    I’ve been known to travel to distant places just to visit a particular facility.

    And during the COVID19 pandemic and related economic downturn, I’ve made some pretty big donations to such places to help them keep their much needed staff, take care of their various charges, and continue to operate.

    I fail to understand the fact that many people, perhaps even most, don’t support the great work these operations do fir us all. It’s more than taking care of animals/plants to prevent extinction. It’s about education and expanding the horizons of our species by seeing and appreciating the marvelous diversity that our world has to offer.

    OK…I’ll get off my high horse now. 😉

    Keep Loving!

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