THWT Question for 28 JUL 2020

Let’s dig into how to help other writers in today’s Two Hundred Word Tuesday…

Do you have any suggestions to help others become better writers? If so, what are they?

Keep Loving!


  1. My advice is what i tell teenagers all the time, since I’m an English teacher with a special emphasis on teaching writing–Barf it out quickly, clean it up later.

    Any editor, or person with a grasp of grammar can help you clean up your writing. But if you keep stopping to second-guess yourself about grammar issues, you’ll never get your writing down. No one can help you go into your head and pull out those ideas. So just barf them all out quickly, without thinking about readability, grammar, or anything else. Once you’ve got what you wanted to say out of your head–now it’s easy to clean up.

    1. Good advice, Fiona!

  2. I would offer to other writers that you must have a firm understanding of how you measure your own success.

    Without this, you have no plan and are simply wallowing around in the mud.

    Just answer this one question…

    If you don’t know what is needed to succeed, how will you know that you have succeeded?

    Keep Loving!

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