THWT Question for 07 JUL 2020

Getting back to the here and now, today’s Two Hundred Word Tuesday question looks at your current works:

Can you share a little of your current work with us?

Keep Loving!

(NOTE: This can be either your latest release or your next planned release.)


  1. Hoo, boy…

    I have to think about so I don’t get various pen names confused and start blending my couple of dozen WIPs together!

    I guess the big one in the pipe is the third book in the Ike Payne Adventure Series. The title is still a little flux on the details…I like the title “Lust3” or “Love3” but there are some, shall we say, logistical issues. Oh, and the “3” is the mathematical statement “Cubed” (AKA a superscript), so it would be read as, “Lust [cubed]” or “Love [cubed]”. The logistical issues are essentially that the superscript doesn’t work well on many fonts and a good deal of ebook readers. There is also some concern about how the title would end up being sorted at both online and brick & mortar book stores. When you toss libraries into the mix, it can get messy!


    In this installment, there is a serial killer on Boone who Ike and Devon must stop. It’s all a bit gruesome. Just to make things more fun, Ike, Devon, and Miranda are falling into a polyamorous relationship.

    Oh, and I did forget to mention that Jack tries to kill Miranda and Devon?

    One other story in the works (as yet not titled) is a romance set in hell, complete with demons, damned souls, Satan himself, and a smart-ass talking cat with a potty mouth.

    You could say I’m a little busy!

    Keep Loving!

  2. Worth the Wait–A saga involving 4 separate romances, 2 of which began in the first book–When a Wolf Howls.

    Grant is trying to convince Monique that he and his wolf are the new mates for her and her wolf. But she’s worried her children won’t accept him, so she’s been holding him off.

    “I want to be so much more to him. I want to be your mate. I want to help you raise your kids. Why won’t you let me love you?”
    His wolf pushed him over the edge, and he let out a low growl as he lowered his head quickly to claim her lips. That first taste was heaven! He was a drowning man, and she was the air he needed to survive. At first, she was unresponsive, but he deepened the kiss, leaning closer to her, and tracing a line with his fingers, from her face to her ear, then into the hair on the back of her head.
    With a moan, she capitulated and returned his passion in equal measure. He licked at her lips, and she opened her mouth to allow their tongues to duel. Their breathing became synced, breathing in and out in unison. Her hands traced a path from his waist up his back to rub at his shoulders, attempting to encompass their width. Then her hands moved lower, massaging his glutes, as their kissing became frenzied.
    Grant had never felt so hard in his life. She pressed her mons against him and rotated her hips, making things so much worse for him—and oh, so good! His hands moved of their own volition, and he began working to remove her clothing, determined to strip her naked, and claim her as his for the rest of their lives, right there and then!
    Suddenly Monique’s phone buzzed audibly from her back pocket.
    Copyright 2020, Fiona McGier

    1. Sounds like a wonderful story, Fiona!

      Keep Loving!

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