Melodee’s Rules for Authors — Number Thirty-Five

Number Thirty-Five

Ignore the Critics

As a group, critics are pompous morons.

Sorry, but I call ‘em like I see ‘em.

Anyone remember Phil Collins? How many of his albums did you buy? Want to know what the critics thought of people who bought Phil Collins albums? Try on for size.

And critics today are no different.

If you DARE not think, act, dress, and eat like them, or if you disagree with them in any way, then you are stupid. See link above.

Personally I don’t even read reviews of my stories. Part of that is I don’t like critics. Part is I just don’t care about the reviews.

I’ve had books get terrible reviews at the same time they sold 40,000 copies in the first weekend of release. I had books called, “…the worst writing since the room full of monkeys tried to write a sonnet…” that made $5,000,000 gross sales in the first six months.

I really don’t care about reviews or critics. You shouldn’t either.

Critics don’t buy my books.

I care about the readers, and so should you.

The readers DO buy my books.

Keep Loving!

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