THWT Question for 12 MAY 2020

This today’s Two Hundred Word Tuesday question:

Is there any subject you particularly liked in school?

Keep Loving!


  1. English class, of course. Call it Language Arts, composition, reading, etc. i loved them all. I was reading books without pictures to myself before I started kindergarten, since Mom taught me to read. Dad was from Scotland, so Olde English was never a problem for me–I read lots of Shakespeare just for fun. And making up stories? I had a table set up in my room for my Barbie dolls, with their furnished apartments. They were international spies, usually, so I could give them exciting adventures, and of course, exciting romances. I’ve written two books about female spies, probably using stories I’d made up way back then–with lots more attention to certain, ahem, details that I wasn’t aware of when I was a kid! LOL.

    1. I could read words long before I could speak or read lips reliably, but other than literature, I was never a big fan of the balance of the language arts as a kid.

      Later in life, say from about age 13-14 or so, I got an interest in composition and related areas, but that ended up being derailed by life events until I was almost 21.

      My real favorites were in the STEM fields. Six of my seven advanced degrees are in STEM subjects!

      Keep Loving!

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