THWT Question for 05 MAY 2020

Here’s this week’s Two Hundred Word Tuesday question:

What leisure time activities are you involved with?

Keep Loving!


  1. My husband used to complain that I was so busy writing when I wasn’t working, that I never paid him attention. So I turned off my laptop and sat in the living room with him, saying he had my undivided attention–so what did he want to do? His answer? Watch some TV. Sigh. I discovered that if I crochet while I’m watching TV with him, I’m not so bored, and I can still talk with him about what’s on, even if I’m not always watching the screen. To date I’ve made almost 40 afghans, for friends and relatives. I tell them that when I’m not near them, to wrap themselves in the blanket, and that’s me giving them a hug.

    1. 40?!? That’s a LOT of boring TV!!

      I tried crocheting once and had like 10 miles of yarn tied in a very big knot.

      Needlepoint was worse and involved a visit to the doctor’s office and antibiotics.

      Keep Loving!

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