THWT Question for 21 APR 2020

The latest Two Hundred Word Tuesday question is:

When reading another writer’s work, what is the one pet peeve you catch yourself grumping about most?

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  1. Totally improbable and impossible plot points that leave me saying OFGS. Then I delete it off my Kindle. Read three or four of those in the past couple of weeks.

    1. Sadly, the stories out there with bad plots, bad grammar/syntax/spelling, and other major issues are more than plentiful.

      It seems that pretty well anything can make it through some publication protocols.

      Keep Loving!

  2. I HATE when there are grammatical errors and misspellings in anything I read. I’ve found them in cheap, and expensive books. I find them a lot in the daily papers that my husband buys everyday, because he likes to read the comics over lunch. I’ve found them in magazines. I always want to yell at someone: “Don’t you have spell-check! Don’t you have editors?” Whenever my books are published through a publisher, they always do at least 3 rounds of editing. I’ve had to rewrite whole scenes the editor didn’t like. But I do appreciate them finding errors I didn’t notice. So when I read another author’s stuff and it has errors, I sometimes stop reading.

    1. That’s me 100%, Fiona.

      I guess the worst single issue for me in that grouping is the confusion of words…like then/than, to/too/two, there/they’re/their et al.

      Makes my head want to explode!!

      Keep Loving!

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