THWT Question for 10 MAR 2020

The Two Hundred Word Tuesday question for today is:

Is there any subject you particularly disliked in school?

Keep Loving!


  1. Definitely gym class! I HATED it! Dad was from Glasgow, so the only sport he thought worth playing or watching was soccer. I was in school during the early 70’s, when NO ONE played soccer. So I had useless skills Dad drilled into my brother and me, on how to pass balls, run the field, etc. We knew nothing about baseball, football, basketball. Dad hated American sports. He called football “armpit ball”, since “they never actually kick the ball, but stuff it under their armpits and run around until they get piled on by a bunch of big, fat men.” I had no concept of rules for the games we had to play. I got a concussion in grade school running backwards in Bombardment–threw up all night. Then during a trampoline unit in freshmen year of HS, I injured my back. Got a doctor’s note off trampoline for the next 2 years, but senior year they told me I had to get another note. Mom said I should save money and just ditch gym class, which she agreed with me, was a dumb waste of time. And let’s not even get into the dance unit, with square dancing (shudder!)

  2. For me it was foreign languages.

    They tried me in French, German, and Spanish and I was horrible at them all and had zero interest in them.

    Of course, a huge part of that may have been the fact that I’m 100% deaf and was still struggling to speak English in a way that most people could understand.

    Keep Loving!

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