THWT Question for 25 FEB 2020

And here is today’s Two Hundred Word Tuesday question:

When and why did you begin writing professionally?

Keep Loving!


  1. Back in late 2006, while I was working 2 jobs and raising 4 teens, my dad was fighting cancer. He had a stroke, so he decided he was done fighting. The hospice nurse pointed out to me that Mom had dementia. I found a place to move both of my parents to, and I took over all of Mom’s affairs, selling her house in Chicago, and visiting her 3-4 days per week. I was exhausted!

    In the meantime, Dad’s death hit me hard. I desperately needed a happy ending. So I started writing my first novel. Mom always devoured romance books by the bagful, but I can remember her drop-kicking a book across the room, yelling at the author, “All of that build-up and no sex? I’m never reading you again!” So mindful of Mom, I wrote my romances with naughty bits–some more erotic than others.

    By the time my first book was published, in 2009, Mom’s dementia made her unable to comprehend that I was published. Still, I found that once I’d written “the end,” those characters stopped talking in my head. Then another group started up. I just had my 16th book published, and the thrill gets better with each new book! I love happy endings.

    1. Yes, Fiona, sometimes all the trials and tribulations that life throws at us can be a great motivator to get the various muses to slap us upside the head and get moving.

      Oh, and everyone who has been in this business for more than one books knows that the only way to get the voices to stop is writing “The End” when the story is actually done.


      One word for you:


      Keep Loving!

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