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Getting Into My #FF, #WW, #MM, and Other Tweets


I get a fair number of questions about how a Tweep can get onto the various #WW, #FF, and other tweets I send out each week. I’ve decided to put everything you need to know here in this blog post so you can find the answers easily. In the future, my reply to such questions will point to this post.



The very first thing is that you must follow me and I must follow you back. I DO NOT automatically follow back everyone who follows me…just way too many spammers out there. I also check for people who no longer follow me, and I stop following them and remove them from any Twitter Lists. There are, of course, a few exceptions…just to pick on them, for good reasons most politicians don’t follow “average” people, so, let’s say, if I follow the President, I don’t expect him to follow me.



Next, on my Twitter page, I host a number of Lists for Tweeps in certain areas of interests, professions, and so on. Most of these are public Lists, so you are welcome to follow the list(s) of your choice. Since doing a #FF of all the Tweeps I follow would be unmanageable, I pick Tweeps from the various Lists. BUT not all Lists are equal!!

I create the “Master List” of Tweeps from the Twitter List Members function for the following Lists:

Retweeting Folks





TV Shows

Best Bets

In other words, you must be a member of one (or more) of the above Lists to have a chance of being selected for inclusion in the #FF (or other) tweets.

(Note that I will sometimes include one or more of the other Lists, but the ones above are always included.)

I use a couple of applications to do the above selections and none of the applications do any sort of duplicate checking. In other words, if you are in more than one of the Lists, you will have the same number of “entries” into the Master List. This means you want to end up in as many Lists as possible! See the SELECTION discussion below.



When all is said and done, the Master List tends to have around 1,000 Tweeps. I then use a couple of other applications that do two things: (1) Randomly break the Master List into a number of smaller lists each with 150 to 200 Tweeps each and (2) Randomly selects 75 Tweeps from each of the smaller lists. These selected Tweeps are the ones who end up in the #FF (or whatever) tweets.

Again note that if you are a member of more than one of my Twitter Lists, you may very well be mentioned in the tweets for a given hashtag more than once.

For each of the given hashtag tweets, I select a new group of Tweeps from the Master List. The Master List itself is recreated weekly. This makes sure more Tweeps get into the hashtag tweets and any changes to the various Lists are captured in a timely manner.



Usually when someone follows me and I follow them back, I will put them into the appropriate List(s) based on their description. For example, if @AuthorJaneDoe follows me, I’ll put her in the Writers (or Writers2) List. Sometimes, the right List(s) for a Tweep are not obvious from the description or, more likely, I just plain miss it.

If you feel you should be in a particular List and I haven’t made you a member, please drop me a note or DM with what List(s) you think you should be in and why. I will look into it and fix things up as needed.



As you can see, it isn’t hard to get into my #WW and other tweets and get some additional exposure for you and your works.


Hey, it’s free promotion!

Keep Loving!



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