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Melodee Wants to Know — What About Promotion?


What about book promotion?

Or, more specifically, what about book promotion services?

There are—as every author knows—hundreds or maybe thousands of companies out there who will, for a fee, promote your book. The exact definition of “promote” varies all over the place, and so does the price.

The real question comes down to if the companies provide any real value to authors and readers.

I have a few questions for you to consider…

First, for authors, do the promotion services you have used (or considered using) provide any value for you? Did you get what you paid for?

Second, more for readers, do you pay any attention to things you see coming from a promotion service? Do you read their posts in the several message loops or do you just sigh and delete them unread?

And lastly, back to the authors, what services would you see the ideal promotional company providing? What’s your wish list? And, how much would you pay such a service?

Here are a few things on my list…

Pay for Performance – Some kind of a commission basis.

Submission of a Book to Reviewers – Saves me the trouble of doing it.

Sends Promo E-Mail as Me – Uses my E-Mail address to send notes so as to maintain branding.

That should get you started!

Keep Loving!



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Doing Book Promotion the Right Way

Some time ago, I posted a blog fussing about the amount of messages appearing in the many Yahoo Groups dealing with romance and erotica romance novels by a small number of promotional companies and individuals acting as promo companies. You can read that blog here.

A week or so ago, an update to my E-Mail program (Thunderbird) went all wrong. Actually, it went all wrong for everyone in the corporation, but that’s another story. The IT folks had to essentially burn down all of our E-Mail systems on local PCs and reinstall. This meant that the many E-Mail filters that we all use also needed reconstruction. While fixing mine, I had the gurus build a new filter that catches the messages from the aforementioned promo operations and put them all into a common mailbox for me.

I knew that the promo companies and individuals were sending a lot of messages, but I didn’t know how many. Now I know…

The filter captures all messages from only four senders. Three are clearly identified as promo companies (that is, their FROM address is obviously a company) and one is posting as an individual, but the messages are clearly promoting books by a number of authors and not that person. In other words, this one person is acting as a promo company.

Also, the filter acts on some 60-odd Yahoo Groups in the romance and erotica romance genres that I subscribe to, not counting those that are “private” like those for author from a particular publisher. These groups have a total membership of about 70,000 readers.

Now, here’s the real issue…

In the last week (from 02 SEP 2012 until 08 SEP 2012), these four posters have sent 1,063 messages to the various groups. That compares to a total number of messages to the same groups of 4,917 in the same time frame.

Yes, that’s right…

Four promo operations accounted for nearly 21% of all the messages posted. I suspect that over the long-haul, this number will approach a quarter of all postings.

Is it just me, or is that excessive?

Our research here finds that most (more than 85%) readers use similar filters, either formally or in a more casual manner. In short, they ignore messages from the promo companies. Some have actual filters that send the messages to a special mailbox (like mine) or to directly to JUNK or TRASH. Others just skip over any messages from promo companies and delete them unread.

Wouldn’t it be better for the authors to post their own messages? Yes, that’s time consuming, but more effective.

Or, better yet, for the promo companies to post as the author using a special E-Mail account linked to the author? That’s what MAE does, and it works very well.

Any thoughts?

Keep Loving!

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If It Walks Like Spam…


After a survey done by some of the marketing folks around here, I decided to try a little experiment.

I subscribe to some 125-ish Yahoo, Google, and other mailing list groups, and I’ve noticed that a good number of posts to those groups come from just a few promotional companies or individuals acting as a promotional company.

The aforementioned survey of a couple of the larger groups done via E-Mail to list members showed that about 85% of the group members ignore or delete the posts from the promo companies and the individuals acting as promo companies.

So, I built a couple of message filters for my E-Mail client. I use Thunderbird, and the filters are pretty easy to build. Basically, I told Thunderbird to treat any message from three promo companies and from one individual known to act as a promo company as “junk” and move them to the junk folder.

In the twenty-four hour period from 0700 Sunday until 0700 Monday (local time), the filter caught and flagged as junk 682 messages. That’s about 40% of all the messages posted in the same time frame.

I want you to understand that…40% of all messages to more than 125 groups came from just four senders.

For now, I won’t draw any conclusions from this, but it seems that by a number of different definitions, we’re talking about spam here.

Am I being too hasty?

Keep Loving!

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