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Melodee Wants to Know – What About Pets?


In particular, I’d like to hear your thoughts on pet insurance.

As this article (http://news.yahoo.com/employers-offer-pet-insurance-employee-perk-204149713.html) discusses, some employers are offering pet insurance as an employee benefit.

I have cats (four, one with one eye and no ears) and a dog (one with three legs). Long stories for both. Like all pets, they have needed some healthcare in the past, and it is always staggeringly expensive.

I spoke to a friend once who worked for a vet’s office, and she told me that the vets always said that, “…you quote them a price that will make their knees buckle and then guilt them into paying it.”

And there is no doubt that vet costs have gone through the roof, rising even faster than human healthcare costs.

When I was a kid, I remember my dad going to the local feed store and buying the rabies vaccine and giving the shot himself to my cat. I think the shot was like $2 or something. The last time I took the cats and dog to the vet in the states for their rabies vaccines, it was just over $150 for the herd.

It seems that today pet insurance is almost required.

What say you?

Keep Loving!



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