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Wednesday Excerpt – Burning Love (Flights of Fancy 1)

This week’s excerpt is from Burning Love (Flights of Fancy 1) and is a PG excerpt.

Burning Love

Confusing images of DNA swam on the display of Debi’s data recorder and mixed in Star’s head with the wonderful erotic images of Spence from the night they shared on the sofa. She shook her head trying to make things fall into place.

Debi tapped the screen. “These plants aren’t old enough to have evolved here to the point they have.”

“I don’t understand.” Spence rubbed his eyes. “What do you mean they aren’t old enough? How old can a plant be?”

“No, not the individual plants, Major.” Debi took a deep breath. “I mean the species isn’t old enough. There are a lot of variables we don’t understand about this world yet, but genetic mutations happen at a predictable rate. In other words, we can look at the DNA and tell how old a species is based on the mutations.”

Star caught the detail part. “What’s this about variables you don’t understand?”

“Sometimes, certain conditions can change the mutation rate. Things like background radiation and a few others.” Debi grinned. “But it doesn’t matter. Enough radiation to make mutations happen fast enough to see a species this young would kill all carbon-based life here.”

Spence stopped with his coffee halfway to his mouth. “Eh?”

“Yeah. This plant species is only about two hundred years old.”

Star stared at the screen for a moment. “But you said there are variables that could change that.”

“There are. By as much as a factor of five.” Debi tapped her finger against the screen as she spoke. “Best case, this species is only a thousand years old.”

Spence shrugged. “So what? It just recently evolved.”

Debi shook her head. “It’s one of the oldest I’ve found so far. And there’s evidence of artificial manipulation of the DNA.”

“You mean it was made?” Star remembered the artificial device in the brain of the Hendri males.

“Exactly. Genetically engineered. We have the technology to do it, but from what I’ve seen, the Hendri don’t.” Debi smiled again. “These people don’t even have tri-v.”

“Have you advised the ship about this information?” Star had a bad feeling.

“No, I tried to send my data uplink just before I came over here, but there was too much interference.”

Spence tapped his communicator. “Daedalus, this is Major Spencer.” A soft hissing came from the receiver. “Daedalus, this is the landing party, acknowledge.” Again only quiet noise. Spence tried calling each of the other landing party members, but no reply came. He grabbed his armor as he ran to the bedroom. “You two stay here. No one leaves and no one comes in who isn’t human.” He stepped from the bedroom as he fastened the last of the straps.

Star touched his arm. “What’s going on?”

He smiled, but she could tell he forced it. “I don’t know. Probably nothing, just the energy field, but I’m going to find the others and bring them all here. Then we’ll get to the landing craft and get out of here.” He took her shoulders in his hands as he stared into her eyes. “No arguments, OK?”

“None from me.” She didn’t like the fear she felt welling up inside of her, but Spence’s presence and calm command made her feel better.

“That’s good.” His smile looked a little less faked. “I’ll be back soon.” He kissed her deeply before turning and trotting out the door and down the hall.

Debi nodded her head. “Oh. Now I understand.”

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Wednesday Excerpt – As Darkness Falls (Flights of Fancy 3)

This week’s excerpt is from my latest release, As Darkness Falls (Flights of Fancy 3) and is an ADULT excerpt.

As Darkness Falls

Rabine wondered if she would need to plant another haymaker to Cliff’s jaw to get him on the floor with her. He stepped back from her, but she knew all was well when he scooped her into his arms and walked toward the sofa. His lips never left hers as Cliff carried her, and she loved the flavors that danced through her mouth.

Cliff’s kiss went on forever, or at least Rabine hoped it would. Her body trembled, and heat flooded through her pussy and across her breasts.

Like he moved in slow motion, Cliff lowered her to the soft maroon velvet material of the sofa. He worked his body and knelt beside her, his hands wandering over her and gently caressing her through the cloth of her jumpsuit. The touch of his fingers changed the trembles racing through her into major shock waves like the planet was coming apart around her.

His lips slipped from hers, and Cliff looked down into her eyes. Rabine felt no reservations when his fingers reached the zipper of her jumpsuit, and he tugged at the slide, pulling the fastener down its full length to just below her waist. When his hands came up to push the black fabric of her outfit aside to expose her bra, his gaze flickered from her face to her chest. He stopped breathing for a moment, the breath seeming to catch in his throat for an instant, before he moved with deliberate confidence to release the catch between the cups of her bra.

When the elastic material of her bra snapped back, leaving her breasts fully exposed, the fleeting touches of Cliff’s fingers against her hard nipples made her jerk with pleasure. His gaze still locked to her chest, he again stopped breathing for a time. He held his breath long enough that Rabine felt concerned.

She reached up and stroked her hand down his cheek. “What’s wrong?”

He didn’t look away from her breasts, but his mouth moved a few times before he found his voice. “The only word I’ve been able to come up with for the way you look is perfect. As silly as that sounds, it also fits.”

Cliff’s expression was flat, almost emotionless. She instantly knew that wasn’t right, though—somehow Rabine knew emotion wasn’t absent in him and actually just the opposite was happening. He struggled to avoid a flood of emotions swamping him.

Rabine again stroked his cheek. “Thank you, but I’m far from perfect.”

He didn’t answer, but instead moved his fingers slowly to touch her breasts with trembling intent. After a few moments of teasing her nipples, he gripped her breasts in his palms, kneading and squeezing. The shock waves evolved into full-blown planet-killing quakes rolling through her body.

Cliff leaned over her and sucked her nipple into his mouth. His tongue flitted around the hard nub, and his free hand moved down her body, tickling across her stomach. He pushed his hand under her panties and his fingers rubbed lightly over the hair she kept closely cropped. Rabine flexed her hips slightly, and he pressed his fingers between the folds of skin to flicker over her clit.

In the tangle of limbs and clothing, Rabine lost track of exactly how Cliff got the jumpsuit off of her, but she found herself lying naked on the sofa. He turned her to lean her back against the seat, and the red softness of the upholstery cushioned her body. Cliff knelt on the floor before her and lifted her legs to drape them over his shoulders. He leaned forward, pressing his mouth to her pussy, and she shivered with delight as he licked over her slit, lapping at the wetness sparking in the light of the table lamp beside the couch.

When Cliff spread her lips with his mouth and swirled his tongue around her clit, Rabine’s legs flexed of their own volition, clamping tight against his head and pulling his face hard to her pussy. He licked and plunged his tongue deep into her, and Rabine gasped for breath and her back arched, pressing her hips even tighter to his mouth.

He reached up, his arms wrapping around her thighs, and gripped her breasts. His fingers moved to some music Rabine couldn’t hear as they danced over and around her nipples. When he snared the hard buds between his thumbs and forefingers, Cliff rolled her nipples firmly, and just then he sucked her clit between his lips and nibbled tenderly, his teeth nipping at her.

Light flooded her mind, and her pulse thrummed in her ears like she was inside a symphony kettledrum. As the tremors rocked her body, Cliff sucked hard on her clit, sending wave after wave of orgasm through her. He pinched her nipples, rolling them, and a series of meaningless panting screams burst from her.

Rabine had lost all track of time, but it seemed that her climax lasted for hours before Cliff released her nipples and then lifted her legs from over his shoulders. He lifted her slightly from the sofa and turned her so she reclined against the arm.

He wiped at the glistening moisture still around his mouth before he leaned closer to her. “Just relax.”

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Wednesday Excerpt – Burning Love


This week we take a look at Burning Love, book 1 in the Flights of Fancy series.

In this scene, Captain Elsa Davis fights to save her ship…


Burning Love
The wail of the alarms still rang in her ears even though Elsa gave the order to silence them. At some point, the violent buffeting of Daedalus damaged the control circuits, and the computers couldn’t send the commands to stop the racket. The fail-safe systems decided it was better to let them scream.

The tactical officer worked furiously at her console. “Deflectors holding at 61%. Harbison Field at red.”

The Harbison Field worked not by absorbing or deflecting energy, but by moving it around. As energy of any kind poured into the Field, the generators converted it into heat, and the heat was then pumped to cooler places where it radiated away safely to space. If the Field couldn’t radiate the energy, the heat was stored in the Field generators. Some point inside the generator would get hotter and hotter.

But something attacked Daedalus now by pouring heat into the field from all directions at once. There was no place to get rid of the energy, so the generators stored it deep in their complex workings. As the energy stored built to ever higher levels, the Field changed color. Starting the same as the blackness of cold space, the Field would change colors, moving up through the visible spectrum through red, to yellow, to blue, to violet. When it reached white, the Field would fail, releasing all the stored energy at once, both outwards, away from the ship, and inwards. When a Harbison Field failed, ships died a burning, flaming death at temperatures far hotter than any star.

“Time to Field overload?”

“Two hours, forty-two minutes, Captain.”

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Wednesday Excerpt – Desert Heat


This week we take a look at Desert Heat, book 2 in the Ike Payne Adventure series.

In this scene, Devon and jack are on guard duty and talking about Ike…



“I’m really sorry about that.” He paused a minute. “You know, I can’t remember Ike as happy and relaxed as she’s been the past year. In all the time I’ve known her, she’s always been right on the ragged edge and never would get close to anyone.” He smiled up from his rock at Devon. “She’s nuts about you, man.”

Devon stretched. “No more than I am about her. I’m surprised that in twelve years, you didn’t latch onto Ikira.”

“Don’t think I didn’t try more than once, but like I said, she wouldn’t let anyone get close, including herself.”

Devon started to sit down. “Ouch!” He manipulated a strap on his armor. “Damn thing. Anyway, she’s a neat lady, and I’m lucky.”

“She’s special, all right. And you’re right about being lucky, in several ways.” He watched the scanners for a moment. “You insist she saved your ass, and she says you saved hers. I think you saved each other.”

“You may be right.” Devon shivered, but not from the minus-seventeen degrees or the fifteen kilometer-per-second wind. “That was a close thing last year.”

“It was. Speaking of which, how’s the memory doing?”

“About the same, I guess.” Devon chuckled. “I can’t remember.”

They laughed for a moment. “Ike’s worried about you, man.” Jack’s tone became serious. He stared out into the darkness. “She’ll kill me if she finds out I told you this, but she thinks it’s worse.”

“Just between you, me, and the critters out there, I think it is, too.” Devon stared into the darkness for a minute, thinking. “I’m going to talk to Ikira about resigning my commission.”

“Do you really think that’ll help?”

“No, it won’t help a damn bit, but it will take the pressure off her. We both know she’s covering for me a lot.”

“Maybe.” Jack followed Devon’s gaze into the desert for a moment. “If you ask me, I don’t think that would be good for you or her. You’ll feel worthless, and Ike will feel like she let you down.”

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Wednesday Excerpt – For the Love of Payne


This week we take a look at For the Love of Payne, book 1 in the Ike Payne Adventure series.

In this scene, Ike and Devon meet for the first time…


“I’m Lieutenant Devon Henson from Intelligence. Admiral Reeves placed me at your service.”

As Ike looked him up and down a time or two, she thought service might just be the operative word. Henson stood a little taller than she, and he had good muscles, though not like a bodybuilder. He looked to be maybe thirty or so and had sandy brown hair, just a little on the long side. His pale blue eyes were sharp and clear.

They stared at each other for a moment too long before Ike dragged her gaze away deliberately. “Have a seat.” She reached across the desk and shook his hand. “Officially, I’m Sergeant Ikira Payne, head of Security. Everybody calls me Ike.” Ike felt a chill run through her as their hands touched.

“All right, Ike. I’m Devon, then.” He seemed to hesitate for a moment. “I’m kind of new at all this security stuff, though. My main training is in cryptography.” He looked a lot more confident than he sounded.

“That’s all right. I need someone who can sort through the mess you Intelligence types call files. I need the information faster than I can get it learning your system as I go along.”

He smiled a very nice smile. She glanced away for a second to stop staring at his mouth. “That I can do for you, Ike.” She looked back and smiled in response.

“Good. Are you certified for a sidearm?”

“Me? Hell, no! The things scare me!”

Ike just stared. This was great. “We’ll take care of that. You may need one.”

He looked puzzled. “I understood you found the killer’s body today.”

“Attempted killer, and it wasn’t him.”

“How do you know?”

“Call it feminine intuition.”

He smiled again. “I don’t think I’ve ever known a woman security director before.”

She laughed. “Probably not. There are only six of us in the Fleet.”

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Wednesday Excerpt – The Polyamorous Princess

This week we take a look at a bit of The Polyamorous Princess.

In this scene, Princess Allie is trying to get a little more privacy, and she has to talk the Marine in charge of security into helping her…



“Please, Ike? Can’t you do something?” Allie reached the point of begging.

“Are you crazy? Between the terrorists and the nutcases, you’re too good of a target. And we may have Arupian agents aboard, too.” Ike Payne was the Marine Master Sergeant in charge of security on Boone, and that included providing bodyguards for the royal family. “No, absolutely not. I am not pulling the guards off you.” She sighed. “I really do understand what you’re saying, though.”

Allie had mastered a really good pout long ago, and she knew when to use it. “Please?”

“Jesus, Allie!” Ike thought for a moment. “OK, tell you what. Instead of one uniformed guard, I’ll put two plainclothes people with you.” Ike stared at the ceiling for a moment. “I must be out of my fucking mind.” She sighed again. “They’ll tail you and keep you in sight at all times, but they won’t be as noticeable that way. That’s all I can do. You can take it or leave it.”

“Thank you, Ike! You’re the best!” Allie hugged Ike.

“Shit! Stop that! Now, get the fuck out of here before I change my mind!”

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Wednesday’s Excerpt – For the Love of Payne


This week’s excerpt is from For the Love of Payne, book 1 in the Ike Payne Adventure series.



The setting for this snippet is a dinner party hosted by the Emperor and his wives for Ambassador Eeto to which Ike was invited as well. Ike ends up sitting between Empress Marilyn and Princess Charlotte…

“Are you going out with anyone these days, Ike?” Charlotte seemed to abandon flirting for the moment.

“Just Sean, but you know how that goes.”

“Is he really hung like the scuttlebutt says?”

Marilyn gasped. “Char!”

Ike grinned. “Yeah, he is. But he’s dumb as a bag of hammers.”

Marilyn’s face moved from a silly grin to serious several times. She lost the battle to stay prim and proper. “Damn it! Who cares about his mind?”

Charlotte choked on a bit of lettuce and got another look from her father. She smiled and waved. Her father went back to his discussion with Eeto “And you say I’m bad, Mom!”

Marilyn ignored the bait. “Ike, you should really go shopping with us sometime. We could get you some killer outfits.”

“No, thank you. I’m a Marine, not a debutante.”

“Suit yourself, but I think mom and I could really make you a knockout.” Charlotte had another piece of cabbage and waited for the Captain to look her way again.

Marilyn reached in front of Ike and grabbed the cabbage from Charlotte’s hand. “Excuse me.”

The Emperor caught the motion from the corner of his eye and looked again. “Ike, do I need to separate you three?”

Ike had a giggle way down inside that slowly crawled its way up her throat. “No, Sir.”

His smile broadened. “That’s good.” He again turned his attention back to Eeto and Zach.

“You two are going to get me busted to Private!”

“Nope. Daddy’s a pushover. All Mom needs to do is bat her eyes at him, and all’s well.” Charlotte looked for another bit of cabbage.

Marilyn sighed. “You get him ticked off here, and I’ll have to bat my eyes while I’m looking up from my knees.”


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Wednesday’s Excerpt – Burning Love [Flights of Fancy 1]


This week’s excerpt is from Burning Love [Flights of Fancy 1].

And since it’s from that particular book, I thought we’d just heat things up in general…


Burning Love

Spence was fairly certain he didn’t react before Star clicked her door shut, but as soon as the sound of the latch reached his ears, he felt his arms bunch and a small shake ripple through his body. He was afraid to move, his fists clenching and relaxing as he watched the closed door. A battle raged in his mind and body, and the sure sign of the conflict was the pressure the protective cup of his armor placed on his hardening cock.

His cheek burned where her soft lips had touched him. When she leaned close to him, he’d caught her scent, and he didn’t think it was some kind of perfume; what he’d smelled was her, Star’s skin and sweat and breath and, maybe, a whiff of her pussy. It all combined to trigger feelings in him like he never even knew existed before, not just simple lust and passion. Those things flared in him, but something else he couldn’t put his finger on colored and flavored the mix, too.

He struggled against the rising tide of want in him. If he let the flood swamp him, he’d kick the door in. He wrote the building lust off as simple hormones. Here, more than 8,300 parsecs from Earth, it wouldn’t be at all unusual for him to have the hots for the prettiest, sexiest woman on the ship. Perfectly normal, in fact, and it would probably be healthy, too.

Kicking in the bedroom door of a fellow officer and taking her would be neither normal, healthy, nor a good idea. He couldn’t help the slight chuckle as he thought about that and the outcome. It would be a bad idea unless she really liked it.

You can learn more about Burning Love at My Site and at Siren/BookStrand.

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Wednesday’s Excerpt – Casting Call for Love


This week’s excerpt is taken from Casting Call for Love, a book that received Five Angels and a Recommended Read from Fallen Angels Reviews.

Casting Call for Love

Roland’s body twitched violently in her arms. He suddenly pushed her away from him, and started to turn. She didn’t have time to wonder why he pushed her away, but she lunged at him, wanting to feel his arms around her and his lips against hers again. He grabbed her shoulders, holding her at arm’s length.

He panted as he stared at her, and his eyes held a panic to exceed that she saw there when she twisted her ankle on the mountain. “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be.”

“What are we doing?” He sounded desperate, as desperate as she did two days ago.

“We were kissing. Right now, I’m not sure what we’re doing.”

“We can’t do this.” He paused, his eyes searching her face for something. “I can’t do this.”

She thought she could slip from his grasp. With any luck at all, she could knock him down and be on top of him pretty fast. Then he couldn’t get away. She fought the urge and won, but it was a close thing. She took a deep breath. “Tell me why not.”

“Because you’re an actress and I’m the director. Because I’m the boss and you’re my employee.” His eyes looked very sad. “Because I’m twenty years older than you.”

“I’ll quit, and I don’t care how old you are.”

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Wednesday’s Excerpt – Knights of Desire


This week’s excerpt is from Knights of Desire, book 2 in the Flights of Fancy series.


While making first contact with a planet with feudal civilization, Sgt. Shane Rawls befriends a pair of knights: Sir Clemmons and Sir Landis. The knights are, however, in the middle of a war with intelligent dragons…

She saw Clemmons, who faced her as the two men embraced, open his eyes to look at her. She expected him to mouth something like, “You’re dead meat, bitch.” Instead, his eyes went wide again.

Clemmons pushed Landis roughly away from him and reached for the long sword at his side. As he started to run toward her, he yelled. “Shane! Get down!”

Landis rolled and looked then darted for where his sword rested in the pile of his clothing.

Under normal conditions, Shane would have dropped instantly, flat enough to the ground to make a holed-up turtle look like a skyscraper, but too many things had happened, and she hesitated.

A funny whishing sound behind her made Shane turn her head to look over her left shoulder. She had just enough time to realize that a dragon came at her, flying fast and nearly touching the ground, with its talons out to grab her.

The creature hit her hard, and everything went black.


You can read more about Knights of Desire at these links:


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