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Melodee Wants to Know — What About E-Book Prices?


What about Apple and E-Books?

Actually, what about E-Book prices?

Most authors are paid in terms of a percentage of the price of the book sold. The details vary from publisher to publisher and from author to author. For those on the outside looking in, a particular author with a particular publisher may get a different percentage than another author with the same publisher. In the self-published world, there are cases where the author gets a flat amount per book sold. Depending on a ton of factors, the percentage the author gets might be based on the actual selling price of the book or it could be based on the cover price, regardless of the selling price. Also, the percentages vary between print and E-Books, but since we’re looking only at E-Books for this article (http://news.yahoo.com/ny-judge-apple-colluded-raise-e-book-prices-231629411.html) we’ll just ignore that for now.

Yeah, it’s complicated.

The real bottom line is that in most cases, the higher the price of the book, the more the author gets per book sold.

It doesn’t matter if you agree or not, but the fact is that legally speaking, Apple was found by a court of law to be guilty of price fixing. Some would say gouging. The several publishers involved have, essentially, admitted guilt and settled. While the last say will—as the article points out—rest with the Supreme Court, right now Apple is indeed guilty…in the same way that OJ is innocent of murder.


From purely an author’s point of view, is the fact that the books are selling for higher prices a good thing? In general, higher prices mean higher royalties. Isn’t that good for the author? Or, perhaps, do the higher prices lead to fewer sales and that translates into less income?

From my own personal experience, I can’t really say…E-Books account for about 2% of the time I spend writing and less than 1% of my income. If graphed, I doubt I could even find the income impact on the chart.

But there are many authors who write exclusively in E-Books with some print-on-demand copies as a kind of spinoff. What’s your take on this?

And then there is the impact on the readers, the people buying the books…

What’s your take? How do you feel about the idea that a group of companies got together to artificially inflate the prices of the books you read? And, perhaps even more interesting, by how much do you think the prices were increased?

What say you?

Keep Loving!



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The Fine Line


Hello and welcome.  First of all, thank you to Melodee (and Nikki and the rest of the staff) for letting me blog here today.

My name is L.M. Brown and I am a writer of male/male romances.

This year, as I am sure you all know there has been one book released that everyone is talking about.  It is the fastest selling paperback of all time (at least it was at the time of writing this blog post and we all know how fast things can change in that regard).  It is the book that has brought erotic BDSM fiction into the spotlight.  Love it or hate it, there’s no way to ignore the phenomenon that is 50 Shades of Grey.  I have not read the book personally and probably won’t.  I’m certainly not going to be criticising it or anything like that.  What I would like to do is talk a little about the fan fiction aspect of 50 Shades, and how it changes things for writers like myself.

For those who don’t know (I suspect maybe there is still the odd individual out there who doesn’t) 50 Shades started out as a Twilight fan fiction story, for which it has been criticised. Accusations of copyright infringement have surrounded 50 Shades, although they appear to be unfounded.  I would imagine if there was a copyright issue Stephanie Meyer would have taken action long before now.

However, in the wake of 50 Shades, some publishers have now changed their policies with regard to fan fiction stories and will no longer accept any stories that have previously been written as fan fiction or published online.  Although I don’t know the reasoning behind individual publisher’s decisions, in the light of the controversy around 50 Shades, it may be the best choice – better safe than sorry.

The issue does raise an interesting question though: where is the line between fan fiction and original fiction?

I make no secret of the fact that I have written fan fiction in the past.  It is still online at various archives for those who know where to look.  I have never considered re-writing any of them so that they are about original characters and have no intention of trying to get any of them published.  They are fan fiction and will remain so.

Many of my male/male fan fiction stories have at their centre a certain famous werewolf.  I have to wonder what would happen if I were to write an original fiction story about a werewolf or a wolf shifter.  As it happens I do have a little plot bunny on the back burner about a shape-shifter who is a white wolf.  I blame several people on Facebook for sending that plot bunny in my direction with some gorgeous pictures of white wolves.

The story I have in mind has nothing to do with the fan fiction world and the characters are completely different. But how much of my story would be influenced by my fan fiction origins?  Maybe a lot, maybe none at all; only when the story is done will I be able to judge for myself. In light of the controversy surrounding the origins of 50 Shades I’ll certainly be very careful about what goes into my stories when I touch on subjects that I have already written fan fiction about.

This is certainly the case for my newest story, Let Down Your Hair.  Robert, the cross-dressing hero of this male/male fairy tale romance, is not the first man I have written into female clothing.  I have done the same twice in fan fiction and one of them was in a “sort of” fairy tale setting.  The stories however are completely different, the fan fiction one being about a rather reluctant Red Riding Hood who had been hypnotised, and Let Down Your Hair being a whole different kettle of fish.

Was I influenced by the fan fiction I wrote?  Probably yes, in a very small way.  Just as I might also have been influenced by Shakespeare’s comedy As You Like It, and every other cross-dressing story I have ever read.

I think every writer draws inspiration from a hundred or more different sources, and sometimes this will include both other writer’s works and fan fiction.

Do I consider Let Down Your Hair to be anything other than original?  Absolutely not.   If you get the opportunity to read it, I hope that you agree.



In a world where fairy stories are historical fact, Prince Aiden is on a quest to find a princess to rescue and bring home as his bride. Deep in the Enchanted Forest he finds Robert, a cross-dressing painter who lives alone in his tower. Mistaking him for a woman, Prince Aiden is determined to have Robert as his bride.

When the prince of his dreams shows up at Robert’s tower he is far from happy, especially when the handsome prince refuses to believe he is a man. Can he convince Prince Aiden to love him as the man he is, or is their happily ever after doomed from the start?



Robert sat up so they were on eye level once more. “I never said my true love was a woman,” he whispered before leaning forward and brushing his lips across Aiden’s. Aiden sat there as still as a statue, while Robert contemplated when exactly he had lost his bloody mind.

When it was clear Aiden was not responding to his kiss at all, Robert pulled away and threw himself backward onto the mattress.

“What was that?” Aiden asked.

“I believe it’s called a kiss.”

“There’s no need for sarcasm. Why did you kiss me?”

“A wife has the right to kiss her husband if she wants,” Robert snapped. “Since you insist I play the part, I figured I can kiss you if I want to.”

“But why would you want to?”

Robert snorted humourlessly. “Damned if I know.”

Aiden settled back down beside him. “Have you ever done that before? Kissed another man, I mean.”


“Do you like me?”

“Would I have kissed you if I didn’t?”

“So you do like me?”

“I suppose so.”

“It’s only natural, I guess. Everyone is waiting for the handsome prince to come rescue them from their dreary lives.”

“My life wasn’t dreary.”

Aiden turned his head to wink at Robert. “I notice you didn’t question my handsomeness.”

Robert threw a pillow at Aiden and turned his back on him. It was going to be a very long night. His cock, wide awake and raring to go, reminded him it was going to be another uncomfortable night as well.


Available from Silver Publishing


Where to find L.M. Brown

Website – http://lmbrownauthor.wordpress.com/

Blog – http://lmbrownauthor.blogspot.com/

Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001471647696


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Seven Sinfully Sexy Sisters

The Sin Sisters are all gathered ready to announce the arrival of book one – and to give you a sneak peak into book two – in the Seven Sister Seriesby Paloma Beck. We’ve caught them in the middle of girl time…

Eloise looked around at her sisters, so content with them surrounding her. The flames from the fire pit in the center of the stoned patio flickered across their faces, each so beautiful. The mood was more quiet than usual, her sisters more relaxed. Maybe it was the wine they’d been drinking since before dinner. Eloise was just so grateful to all be together. So much was changing for them and she was happy but still needed this connection.
“Two down. Five more to go,” Paige spoke into her wine glass but each sister heard the softly spoken words and turned in her direction. She noticed and acted surprised they had heard her. But the sisters know better since near perfect hearing was something they’d each come to live with. “What? You act as if this is such a shock. It’s the prophecy.”
“It’s love,” Gracie insisted.
“Love is a fairytale. We are a prophecy,” Paige quipped back. “We will each take a mate and it won’t be long now. Prophecy says the seven born to the seventh shall complete the link. And it shall be one after the next in quick succession.”
“Oh Goddess, Paige, will you stop it,” Amelia untucked her legs from beneath her and sat forward in her chair, her anger rising. “You cannot judge the emotions of others. To each their own.”
“I’m not judging emotion. I’m stating fact and the fact here is that whether we like it or not, we are this prophecy so love or not, we’ll be mated,” Paige explained.
“Ok, Paige, I’ll give you prophecy but you have to agree that there is a piece of that prophecy that relies on love, a connection, romance…” Layla mused.
“Romance? Are you kidding? Even you tried to fight Madden,” Paige stood then and paced. “You’re going to romanticize this now, aren’t you?”
Layla remained relaxed in her seat while trying to explain, “I was hesitant. I’d never felt many of the desires you take for granted. They were all so overwhelming and I was afraid. But when I opened myself to Madden, and then to Anton, I let them love me.”
“That is so romantic,” Sadie grinned and reached over to touch Layla’s arm.
“Romantic is this chunk of diamond on her finger,” Gemma added. From the other side of Layla, she reached for her diamond ring and moved it so the flames glittered off the many facets and sent light glittering through their circle.
“Mmm… how he gave it to her was even more romantic,” Eloise tacked on with a wide grin.
“How about you, Eloise?” Layla attempted to get the spotlight off her, “What does Caedon do that’s romantic?”
With a blush that nearly turned Eloise as scarlet as her wrap, she shook her head with a cheshire grin. “I tell no secrets.”

Eloise’s book, Eternal Envy, releases on October 8th. But first, catch up on the series by reading Layla’s story in Lustful Cravings.

Lustful Cravings, Paloma Beck
Seven sisters are entwined in a legacy bigger than anyone ever expected. One by one, they will find their mates from the immortal Valendite breeds and secure their place in history. Each sister embodies one of the seven deadly sins only to be cast aside once claimed. But claiming comes at the price of separation, causing a weakening of their combined powers, which none want to happen… until Layla, holding the sin of lust within her body, locks eyes with Madden.
Madden is one of the strongest of the Valendite Breed, a group of near-immortal men originating from the Italian Wars in the 1500s. Today, the Valendite Breed serve as the Terrorist Elimination Unit (TEU), an invisible arm of the CIA. Their only weakness is their need for a mate to carry on the Breed. So now that Madden has found Layla, he will never let her go.
With forces mounting up against the Breed, Madden and Layla will need to rely on all of their powers combined to get them to their Pronouncement.

Secret Cravings Publishing
All Romance
Barnes & Noble


Madden pulled away from her, just slightly, and she whimpered in protest. He chuckled and kissed her nose when he saw her wrinkle it. Struck by the flush of her cheeks, Madden noted the same flush running down her throat and to the very top of her breasts. As she took deep breaths to calm herself, he placed his forehead against hers. But Madden only paused for a moment because he had no intention of letting the emotions he was pulling from Layla subside. He would not let her gain the control she was wrestling for. A woman off-balance was what he needed her to be.
As part of the Valendite Breed, Madden had been raised to know the prophecy, to appreciate the significance of finding your mate and claiming her. He planned to worship Layla until the day they died. The sharing of blood so sacred, nothing could tear them from one another. Not only would their blood bond them together but it would also sustain Madden and prolong Layla’s life so she lived as long as he did.
Madden moved his hands to frame her face and drew her head up to meet her eyes. He brushed a soft kiss against her full lips before speaking, his voice husky with desire. “Take your tongue, Layla love, and touch it to my sharpest teeth. The blood exchange will bind us and I can take you then. Ho bisogno di te. Please don’t make me wait.”
Madden’s words were barely finished when he took her mouth again. Gently his tongue drew hers out, slowing to let her catch up to his need. When he felt the puncture wounds and tasted the first drop of her blood, he moaned low inside himself. He felt Layla tense at first and then soften her body as it settled into his own. Her moans began to mirror his. He could feel her desire as if it was his own, and it multiplied the urge to claim her and demand she submit to him as his mate.
Madden held back with every piece of control he had been trained to possess. This moment required him to remain in control, to ease her in the mating. He felt her pull away. Her body shuttered and a small whimper bubbled up from her throat. He was suddenly struck by her vulnerability.
“What’s happened, Madden? Why do I feel this way?” His Layla was frightened and he wanted nothing more than to comfort her. Her feisty golden eyes now appeared panicked. Madden couldn’t bear it.
“Layla love, we’re bonded now. You will forever feel what I feel just as I will feel the emotions inside of you. It is a powerful thing for mates. It will make the next act we perform even richer than any romance book you’ve ever read.” He rose then from the floor between her legs and pulled her to him, carrying her out of the room.
“Which way to your bedroom, Layla?”



Author Paloma BeckPaloma Beck is an erotic romance writer in both the Contemporary and Paranormal realms. Happily married and living a life of total contradiction, Paloma runs carpool service for her three sons, volunteers in PTA and teaches religious education. Then in the moments when her characters talk to her, she journals their stories – and they are anything but PG. As a natural introvert, quiet time with her characters is necessary to keep sane while writing is the perfect outlet for her creativity. Paloma believes a daily dose of coffee and a good book make any day better.

BLOG: http://RomanceBeckons.blogspot.com
WEBSITE: http://palomabeck.weebly.com
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/PalomaBeck
FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/PalomaBeckAuthor
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PINTEREST: http://pinterest.com/PalomaBeck

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You make my speakers go BOOM BOOM…

I don’t know about everyone else, but I absolutely love music. It can make you smile, laugh and sometimes even cry. Some writers use it to help inspire their muse. Artists have even been known to use it while they create their masterpieces. Whether it be on canvas, in sculpture or a mural, there are just so many ways to show the world our creative side.

My personal music tastes vary so greatly that I don’t think I can choose a ‘favorite’ type of music. When I was young my very first concert was Rick Springfield. Yes, that Rick Springfield. LOL. Hey it was a long time ago, what can I say? Then as I got a little older I was a HUGE Motley Crue fan. With that came all sorts of hair bands, Poison, Def Leppard and Kiss. Although I don’t really think you can call Kiss a hair band. Then I started growing up. I know what you’re thinking, Grow Up? My goodness why?? I know, I know.. it happens though, and with maturity and leaving the ranks of high school came my love of country music. As I’ve gotten older – which is only 29 by the way, regardless of what my drivers license says *wink* – I’ve broadened my musical preferences that much wider. Just when I think I would never listen to a certain type of music someone releases something that changes my mind.

My tastes are eclectic and I wouldn’t change that for anything. Music can inspire the mind, awaken the body and touch the soul. For those of you who know who Luke Bryan is, you understand where I got the title of today’s blog. His song, “Drunk On You” coins that phrase in the title and I think it can be applied in many different ways.

So, open your ears and your heart to the wonderful inspiration music can provide us. Oh and did I mention that I’m giving away an eBook today? Leave me a comment below telling me what one of your favorite songs this summer is and what you love about it. I’ll draw one random winner on the morning of 8/31/12 and that lucky commentator will win an eBook copy of my June release When Promise Meets Passion.

Also, I invite you all to take a peak at my new website and blog. They’ve been updated and are all sparkly and shiny. And if you’re on facebook, I love to be “LIKED” so please visit my FAN PAGE. You can see all my Siren Bookstrand titles HERE and all my Silver Publishing titles HERE.

Thanks everyone for stopping by! I hope you have found something that makes your speakers go BOOM BOOM.. 🙂


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What happens when Chaos mixes with Creativity?

In today’s world how do any of us get anything done? Sometimes it seems no matter how hard we plot and plan out our days we invariably end up running into a few roadblocks along the way. Things from leaving the house a few minutes late, getting stuck behind a train or in traffic, or finding out the one thing you went to the store for was also the one thing that you forgot. How we handle that moment of frustration when we want to pull our hair out is what truly matters.

As I write this it is nearly 6 o’clock on Wednesday night. My day was supposed to entail just three hours of running around. Between getting the kids to their events, grocery shopping, filling up the gas tank and a million and one other errands that three hours quickly turned into five. Then it was time to put the groceries away, start some laundry and bring in the trash cans. After all that was done, I finally was able to sit down and check emails and start getting some work done. I had originally planned to start writing three hours ago, but soon it will be time to make dinner. So, I ask you all what does one do when chaos interferes with our creativity?

I’m sure we’ve all had those days. It’s not just exclusive to Authors. Regardless of what one has on their agenda fate will always jump in to throw a few curve balls our way to keep us on our toes. Years ago you would have found me either screaming, crying or even a little bit of both. Like a fine wine, I have aged well and gained wisdom from those tantrums. The fact of the matter is at the end of the day what we don’t get done pales in comparison to what we do. We’re alive, we’re free, we have the sun and the stars and the knowledge that tomorrow will be a new day.

Life gives us obstacles because it keeps us fresh and thinking at all times. How do you handle those overwhelming times when you can’t get enough done? Do you throw your hands up in the air and give up?  Or do you grin and bear it, promising to try harder tomorrow? I hope it’s the latter. What you don’t accomplish today, I’m sure you will conquer tomorrow!



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Nicole’s latest release When Promise Meets Passion is climbing the publisher’s best seller’s list.

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