Getting Your Book Reviewed

Getting Your Book Reviewed

So you want me to review your book? Well, you’re in the right place!

Not only have I been getting a fair number of requests for book reviews, but I’m finding that I’m enjoying doing them, too. While I can’t afford the time to do a lot of reviews, especially of long books, I would like to do a few now and then.

And that is what led me to create this page…we need a few ground rules about how the process works.

Right off the bat, let me make it clear that if you want me to review your book, you MUST follow these rules. If you don’t, the review just ain’t gonna happen for you.

So, here we go…

(1) Do NOT send your book to me. In fact, don’t send it to anyone just yet. Before that happens, you need to send an E-Mail to my Personal Assistant with some information.

(2) Send a note to with the following information:
(A) Your Pen Name
(B) The title of your book
(C) The word count
(D) The genre
(E) Link to the cover image
(F) Link to the buy site
(G) A brief summary of the book (200 words max)

(3) Shauna will get back to you if I will be able to review your book or not, and with an approximate timeline if I can. If—AND ONLY IF—I can review your book, Shauna will ask you to send the book to her. We can only accept review copies in PDF format. No other formats are acceptable.

Depending on the length of your book and what my work load is like, it may take anyplace from a week to a couple of months to get your review done. Again, Shauna will let you know what the target date is when she asks for your review copy. Please be patient.

When the review is complete and posted, Shauna will notify you. You may use excerpts from the review with appropriate credit for your own promotional purposes.

My reviews are done a little differently from what you may be used to, and what follows is a brief outline of what I look at along with how I rate the various parts:

(1) First Impression – This is how I feel about the story right out of the box after my first read. Initially, I may love or hate your story, and the reasons are often not clear even to me yet. I will award from zero to five stars for this area.

(2) Story and Plot – This is how well the story holds together and if the plot flows well or not. Various factors like editing and voice can influence this rating. An important issue here is if the plot moves forward in a smooth, orderly manner. The other thing here is the character development part of the story. I will award from zero to five stars for this area.

(3) Continuity – Is the story logically cohesive and does it have internal consistency? Many stories don’t. I will award from zero to five stars for this area.

(4) Editing and Mechanics – How are the spelling, grammar, usage, and other technical issues? Does the author confuse words or use the wrong words? Is the prose purple? In other words, did the editor find and fix these common problems, or is the story hard to read and follow because of the errors? I will award from zero to five stars for this area.

(5) Overall Rating – This rating is calculated by averaging the other four areas together. Since the actual numeric rating may not reflect the overall quality of the book, I will usually add some personal comments to that effect. In many cases, I wish that the numbers were higher because a bad edit job pulls down a good story. This rating will be from zero to five stars.

So there you have it…if you’d like me to review your book, this is how to make that happen.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Shauna maybe not so much. 🙂

Keep Loving!


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