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Menage and Polyamory


Ever wonder about ménage and polyamory?

No, they are not the same things!

Drop by Lisabet Sarai’s site where I’ll be doing a quest blog on Wednesday October 30, 2013.

Just go to:

And you never know…you just might win something, too!

Hope to see you there!

Keep Loving!


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Guest Author Alexandra Anthony Features Two New Books…Tempted: The Dark Hart Chronicles Book 1 and Ascend (The Vampire Destiny Series Book 4)

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I’d like to thank Melodee Aaron for allowing me to guest blog on her site once again.  Today, I’m going to share two offerings with you today.  Since my last visit, I’ve published two new books (and started a new series).  I’ll be sharing Tempted: The Dark Hart Chronicles Book 1 and Ascend (The Vampire Destiny Series Book 4).


The Dark Hart Chronicles


In Tempted, we meet personal assistant Savannah Wood.  When she lands a dream job with up and coming rock star Nick Hart, it seems too good to be true. He’s devastatingly handsome, reserved and charming…but he has a secret he’s determined to keep.

 Their attraction to one another is immediate and Savannah is determined to keep a professional relationship between them. She’s been burned before and has no desire to reopen old wounds.

 The lines between professional and personal begin to blur when Savannah finds out Nick’s secret: he’s a century old vampire with a painful past. He’s also hesitant to open himself up to her, yet they find their temptation to one another is stronger than either can resist.

 The paparazzi, a string of murders and cryptic, ominous letters threaten their budding relationship. Will their attraction and love be enough to keep them together…or will it tear them apart?


*Excerpt from Tempted (The Dark Hart Chronicles Book 1)*

I pushed away from the glass and scurried down the steps, my fingers fumbling over the locks in my haste to open the door.  Letting it swing open, I wasn’t surprised to see him standing before me.  Rain dripped from his raven black hair to run in rivulets down the sharp planes of his handsome face.  His dark eyes were luminous, glowing with passion as he stood before me, both hands bracing the doorframe.

 “Nick…” I whispered.  I took a shaky step backwards as he strode across the threshold forcefully and took my face in his hands.  Our eyes met for the briefest of moments before he lowered his head to capture my lips in a toe-curling kiss, his tongue searching the contours of my mouth.  Much too soon he pulled away, his teeth tugging at my lower lip.  His fingers stroked down the length of my neck, cold and wet against my skin.  My body trembled in response and when I raised my hands to embrace him, he stopped me and held them in his firm grip.

 “I told myself I wouldn’t do this, Savannah.  I know I promised to give you your space and that I’d be patient.  You can see how well that worked.  So here I am, standing here in front of you.  I wanted it to be different…I wanted to do this right.”  He closed his eyes and breathed deeply.  He dragged me closer until I was pressed against the solid wall of his chest, soaking my t-shirt with rainwater.  “But I can’t do this anymore.  I can’t lie to myself and pretend I’m all right with just being friends.  I fucking want you.”

 His words ignited a fire deep within me, stroking the slow simmer that had been building all week.  When he continued, his voice was husky.  “I don’t want to talk and I don’t want to think if it’s right or wrong.  I’ll deal with the fallout tomorrow, but now…now I want you more than I can put into words.”

 Tempted is available on Amazon, Smashwords and B&N

Screen Shot 2013-06-22 at 11.43.03 PMTempted: The Dark Hart Chronicles Book 1 Trailer

The Vampire Destiny Series


 In Ascend, we pick up where Book 3 left off.   Josephine Anderson awakes as true vampire, leaving her half-human life behind. She has little time to adjust to the change however; her evil father has gone missing and wants nothing more than to destroy her and her vampire mate, Stefan Lifsten. But they have other plans.

 Secrets and revelations are revealed when Josephine and Stefan head back to her childhood home to search for the lost journal her uncle kept – a journal that may unlock Stefan and Josephine’s shared past. While searching, Josephine’s world is once again turned on its axis when she meets Liev Banin, who reveals a long-kept secret that will change everything for Josephine….and her family.

 Still reeling from their discovery, they are rocked to their very core when a trusted friend betrays them…and threatens to destroy them all.

*Excerpt from Ascend (The Vampire Destiny Series Book 4)*

Those baby blues never left mine.  Ancient and steely, they seemed to burrow into my very soul.  “I felt nothing.  Not happiness or sadness…not even relief.  I carried on as I had for centuries and he watched me flourish, vackra.  I cared little then.  I had lost everything: my family, my life, my heritage… I accepted this immortal life over death.  I had no choice.  Yet Amir clung to his humanity, fighting his true nature.  It is a futile struggle.  We are all vampires.  We feed off of another to survive.  Animals are killed to provide food for humans, plants are grown and then harvested for ones survival.  What we are is not much different than humans.  We simply watch the world change and adapt to loss.”

There was a bitterness to Stefan’s tone when he spoke.  My eyes swept over his face, taking in the tense set of his mouth and clenched jaw as I considered his statement.  I’d never thought of comparing human life to that of a vampire.  And now I knew better as to his struggle with loss.  “You lost me when you died.”

His blond eyebrow rose.  “There is that.  It saddens me that I do not fully remember.  I only have flashes of memories…it has been too many years.”

“I saw us together in a memory with my mother.  You begged me to take you before I appeared.  It was while you were missing…after the explosion.”  I whispered.  I leaned closer until our lips barely touched.  “I lost you too.  A thousand years is a long time, Stefan.  I want to remember.  I want to remember it all.”

“You will.”  His impatient hand wove into my hair and pulled my mouth to his.  Our lips met and time stood still.  It was as effortless as when I was still human.  My fingers tugged at his hair, our hips grinding against each other eagerly. My lips parted against the demanding crush of his mouth, his kiss raw and seductive. Our tongues slipped languidly together as we fell into one another, losing ourselves into our kiss.  I savored the taste of him and the feel of his body against my own.  The familiar touch of his flesh against my own ignited the sweet pull of desire, leaving me restless and impatient for more.

Stefan raised his mouth from mine, his lips moist and kiss swollen.  He pulled back and rested his head on his hand, hovering over me.  His fingertips traced along the side of my cheek and down the curve of my jaw as he studied my face carefully.  When his blue eyes finally met my gaze, his hand cupped my chin.  His gentle touch made my breath catch and my bottom lip caught between my teeth.  His thumb tugged at my lower lip, pulling it loose.  “I fear things, Josephine.  I do not know how it is possible to remember something that has been forgotten.  And if I do remember, how do I begin to live with myself knowing I forgot about you…about us?  How does one disregard such an important memory?” 

Ascend is available on Amazon, Smashwords and B&N

Screen Shot 2013-05-20 at 4.18.25 PM

Ascend (The Vampire Destiny Series Book 4) Trailer


About Alexandra Anthony


Photo on 4-3-13 at 11

Alexandra Anthony is an independent author of two romantic,

erotic book series: The Vampire Destiny Series and The Dark Hart

Chronicles.  Both series feature sexy vampires to die for, steamy

scenes and many twists and turns in her character’s many

adventures.  Her books are not for the faint of heart and are for

mature audiences.

 She was most recently featured in USA Today in an

article by Joyce Lamb titled, “It’s time to put some paranormal

activity into your Reading” and was listed under Self-Published/

Indie Authors for her most recent release, ‘Ascend (The Vampire

Destiny Series Book 4)’.


Alexandra Anthony is from the Midwest

(Ohio to be precise) and was bitten by the

lure of the vampire at an early age. 

She chose to take up writing and put her

own twist on vampires…making them

day-walkers that could easily blend in among their human counterparts.  She also

enjoys weaving Old Norse and Greek Mythology into her stories, adding a bit of

realism to escapism.

Coming up on the horizon for Alexandra will be a companion piece for The Vampire

Destiny Series, told from her heroes POV, Stefan. It will feature never revealed

scenes from Books 1 & 2 and character biographies.  It is set for a late summer

release.  Due out late fall/early winter will be the 2nd book in The Dark Hart

Chronicles, Rapture.



Facebook Author Page:

Facebook Book Page:

Twitter:  @AlexAnthony80




Indie Author Network: – .UTeavhkx_UQ

Scribe Trailer:



Your Book Authors: Anthony

Alexandra Anthony YouTube Page:

Promo Video for The Vampire Destiny Series:\

Promo Video for The Vampire Destiny Series and The Dark Hart Chronicles:

Promo Video for Tempted: The Dark Hart Chronicles Book 1:

Promo Video for Ascend (The Vampire Destiny Series Book 4)



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Awakening (The Vampire Destiny Series Book 3)

I’m thrilled to be back on Melodee Aaron’s blog guest posting.  It’s always a pleasure to be on her blog!


I’m promoting my third book in The Vampire Destiny Series, Awakening.  The Vampire Destiny Series is a paranormal, erotic romance.  In this book, we find out the fate of Josephine’s friend Anna, and Josephine is shocked to find out that she is more than just a vampire hybrid.  And of course, at her side is her vampire mate, Stefan Lifsten.

She finds out more about her past and how the mysterious death of her aunt and uncle may not have been an accident after all.  This book is a bit of a departure from the first two…there are many more twists and turns in this book!

Ways to find more about The Vampire Destiny Series:


Author Page

The Vampire Destiny Series Book Page




Awakening (The Vampire Destiny Series Book 3)

Illusion (The Vampire Destiny Series Book 2)

Fated (The Vampire Destiny Series book 1)

Amazon Author Page


Barnes & Noble:

Awakening (The Vampire Destiny Series Book 3)


Now, the excerpt from Awakening…

Warning…it’s definitely rated R!

* * *

“I should stay,” I protested weakly.  Stefan edged around the chair and sat down on the ottoman facing me.  He rubbed his fingers across his chin and leaned forward slightly, his forearms resting on his knees.

“No, you should come to bed.  I understand your concern for Anna because she is your friend.  However, what you are doing is pointless.  She does not know if you are here or not.  Vackra, she is dead.  Either she will rise or she will not.  Either way, the outcome is the same.”

Tears filled my eyes and I hastily blinked them away before they had the chance to spill over.  He reached for my coffee cup and took it from my hands, setting it on the table.  He stood up, offering me his hand with a tender smile.  “Please.  Come with me.”

My eyes traveled the length of his long, powerful body.  His red silk sleep pants hung low on his waist, the rippled muscles of his stomach pale in the dim light of the living room.  His broad chest and shoulders glistened and in spite of myself, I wanted to run my hands over the velvety expanse of his skin.  My body craved to feel the hard muscles of his body with my hands, wrap myself completely around him until we were one in every way.

“I need to feel you, vackra,”  Stefan crooned softly.  “Please.”

I couldn’t refuse his final please.  He was difficult enough to resist, but when he was so charming he was impossible to refuse.  Reaching for his hand, I was surprised when he swept me into his arms in one swift move, tucking my head under his chin.

“Afraid I’ll have second thoughts?” I teased.  He tightened his arms around me, carrying me down the hallway into our bedroom.

“Possibly.  You have a way of keeping me on my toes, vackra.”  Stefan gently placed me on the bed.  His fingers made short work of untying his sleep pants and letting them pool around his feet.  He stood beautifully naked at the end of the bed for my inspection.

Cocking my head to the side, I let my eyes run over him again, lingering longingly over his chest, his narrow waist and finally stopping to focus on his hard cock..  “I think you’re trying to distract me.”

His lips curved into a sexy half-smile.  “Tell me.  Is it working?”

My beautiful lover.  He was pure perfection from his golden blond hair to the tips of his toes.  There could never be another man, human or otherwise that I would want as much as him.  Yanking off my t-shirt, my hair tumbled around my shoulders in a wild tumble of waves.  I looked at him expectantly, watching as his blue eyes faded to black.

“Does this answer your question?”

He didn’t reply.  He moved stealthily across the bed, moving at an alarming speed.  Suddenly pinned under his sleek and sinewy body, my hips were trapped snugly under his.  Stefan’s face loomed over mine, his expression inscrutable but his emotions perfectly clear.  He was torn between wanting to fuck me into submission or make love to me.  He pushed me back against the bed until he completely covered me, every inch of our bodies touching.

“I think you sufficiently answered my question.  I do not want to talk anymore,”  Stefan growled.  His nose ran over the curve of my jaw, his tongue snaking out to lick down the side of my neck sensuously.  A chill ran down my spine at the feel of his warm tongue against my skin, letting out a moan as his blunt teeth lightly bit the crook of my neck.

“No talking?”  I mumbled.  He’d jumbled my brain, causing rational thought to escape me.  My body was now attuned to him, completely in sync with his.

“No.  Just feel.”  His deep voice penetrated my mind.  He raised to his knees above me, his fingers snapping the sides of my panties.  He gripped his cock and ran it teasingly over my wet folds, hissing loudly as I instinctively tilted my hips towards him.  He shook his head as he continued to play with me, purposely sliding the head of his cock over my clit, making me writhe underneath him.  “You are so wet for me.”

“You’re no better off than me.  Stefan…”  My mental voice challenged as he continued to toy with me.  My fingers stretched to travel down his pale chest and trailed circles over his hip bone.  “You want me just as badly.”

My words ceased his playful torture and he stared down at me.  He entered me in one gentle thrust, gathering me into his arms.  We both shuddered at the sensation of being joined, our connection complete.

“One,” he mused mentally.

Sobbing against him, I wrapped my legs around his waist.  My arms snaked around his back, enveloping him in my embrace.  His arousal was feeding mine, making it almost too much for me to bear.  “What’s happening?  It’s never been like this…”

Instead of answering, he pulled me closer and increased his speed, burying himself to the hilt.  His growl of approval rumbled deep inside of his chest.

“This is the bond we are feeling. This is how it will be to be complete.  I am…”  Stefan’s mind voice sounded just as shattered.  His voice broke off as he continued his steady pace inside of me.  Every nerve in my body was alive, singing for him.  His body was made for me.  No other man would ever be capable of pleasing me the way he did.

“Whole,” I managed to finish his thought.

“Yes,” he agreed.  “Say my name.  I want to hear you say it.”

Throwing my head back, my body shook and his name fell from my lips like a broken prayer.  “Stefan!”

He trembled at the sound of my voice calling out his name.  His hold on me tightened, his hips pistoning faster and deeper.  My inner walls clenched around him, gripping him tighter with each stroke.  My fingers fanned into his thick, golden hair.  Our eyes met and his adoring gaze caused my heart to break.

His voice floated into my thoughts again.  “Now it is I that yearns for everything you have to offer.  I want every part of you.  Your pussy, your love, your blood.”

My body could hold back no longer.  His passionate words made anticipation surge throughout my body like an electrical current, setting fire to every nerve ending.  “Drink from me.  Take everything I have.”

His mouth blurred to my throat.  His fangs scraped against my neck before sinking into my flesh.  The feeling of being entirely consumed by him caused me to splinter into a million pieces around him.  I clutched his head to my neck as he drank from me.

“Yes, Stefan!  Yes! ” I yelled out in a violent sob.  My nails traveled down his neck to sink into the skin of his back, feeling the satin of his skin loosen underneath my fingers.

“Josephine, jag vill äta dig levande och knulla dig tills du inte kan stå,” Stefan thundered.  He exploded inside of me, his release triggering yet another tremor from me.  We clung to each other, riding out the last of our shared climax together.  I’d gone completely limp in his arms, barely able to hold on to him.  He rolled us to the bed, still wrapped in each others embrace.

His lips searched out mine, gently kissing me.  His hands surrounded my face gently, our tongues in constant contact, our heads turning to deepen the kiss.  Just one time, I wanted to break him the way he always managed to destroy me.

“Ah, vackra.  You are wrong.  You annihilate me every time we are together.  I can no longer exist without you,” Stefan whispered softly.  He peppered kisses over my face.  “Nor would I want to.  You are everything.”

Perfectly content in the moment, we were silent.  Stefan gently stroked my hair, effectively lulling me into an idyllic sense of calm.

Little did I know the tranquility would be short lived.

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Conquest (My Vampire Lover #1), a new erotic short story series by Victoria Embers

Please consider following me on WordPress.

Please consider following me on WordPress.

First, I’d like to thank Melodee Aaron for letting me be a guest blogger on her site!  She and a few other friends were very gracious to retweet several of my posts this past week and I am very excited to be here today. I’ve heard nothing but great things about being on Melodee’s site. You have to excuse me if I sound over the top because yes, I am super-excited and yes, I’m new to all of this.

The Start of My Idea

Over Halloween, I came up with the idea for my My Vampire Lover series and shared a draft of the idea with a friend of mine. She’s a well-known Indie author of erotic vampire romances and I was floored when she told me to go for it, to seriously think about sitting down and writing.

So I did. I’ve been an Indie Author now for about two months. Conquest has been downloaded as a free short story over 8,000 times and I’m feverishly writing the next story. I never had any idea it would be at all popular. I’m still walking around the house in a daze with my hubby fearful I’m going to get a big ego and stop cooking dinner for him. But now I know other women out there like this idea. I may not be the only one who daydreams about sexy, hot vampires and wouldn’t mind meeting one some day. Can you say Prince Charming with Fangs?

My Vampire Lover

I write my vampire heroes as men who are strong, handsome, deadly and unstoppable (garlic, stakes, fire – those things don’t stop them). At the same time, when they find their mate, that is it for them. They remain loyal, loving, sensitive, protective, and will defend their love to their death.

Since I’m a stay-at-home mom and most of my days start off with getting the kids to school, running errands, and washing loads of laundry, I can daydream at the drop of a hat. Even though I have to wake up before everyone else to get it done, I am beginning to enjoy the escapism my writing gives me.

Why Erotic Short Stories?

I have to be honest with you. I didn’t know if I could write a full book. The idea scared me and I didn’t want writing to be a fearful experience, one I started but didn’t finish. I elected to approach this differently. I plan to release a short story each month. If that goes well and I can find time to work it in, then I’ll sign up for the idea of a full novel.

If you check my story out today, thank you. I know vampires may not be everyone’s cup of tea. But as I know now, dabbling in something a little different can be a very pleasurable experience.

About Conquest, My Vampire Lover #1

Caroline, a werewolf and golden guardian of the realm, has discovered a new love in her vampire captor. She’s willing to risk everything, even her life, to prove to him she loves him and has forsaken all others including her family and her pack. (Please note as a short story, Conquest is not very long, only 2,500 words.)

About Redemption, My Vampire Lover #2

Raphael, a vampire and prince to the realm, faces a great challenge. After giving his blood to Caroline to drink, Raphael knows her life is hanging between life and death. Will she survive? And if so, what will she become being born as a werewolf pure blood? Raphael knows he must work fast to protect Caroline from his father discovering her existence while he also figures out how to save her.

More short stories in my series, averaging around 5,000 to 10,000, will be released monthly in this series. Redemption will be out soon.

Excerpt from Conquest, My Vampire Lover #1

I felt his warm, wet tongue dart in my mouth, sucklingly my bottom lip.  A sting of pain surfaced.

I shrieked, quickly pulling away from him.

He held me fast in his arms.  Our eyes locked.

Again I tasted the sweetness of blood, but this time it was my own.  Carefully, I licked my bottom lip where he had bitten me.

Another gleam from the moon shone upon his face, his bright eyes sparkled with a savage knowledge beyond lust and desire, one of sheer hunger.  He would be mine.

Before I could stop him, he slashed at his well-toned chest with his nails.  Lines of blood formed across his muscles.

“Drink of me.”

Then he resumed fucking me fiercely, refusing to stop.

I stared at the streams of blood rolling down his chest as I rode him.  The wolf in me instantly awoke.  Warm rushes of power and hunger rose up in me.  The wolf was coming for me and I wouldn’t be able to deny him.

“Let it go,” my vampire lover whispered into the night.  “Drink of me.  I’ll make you queen when Father dies and we’ll rule this kingdom together despite them.”

The moon bathed him in its lush glow and I couldn’t resist marveling at his naked form.  He was exquisite.  His thick, muscular chest glistened with blood and sweat and I held on to his shoulders as I drove my hips down upon his, feeling his magnificent cock serge deep inside me.  Each stride I took sent me ever closer to him forever.  I took his mouth with a savage intensity I had never known and then I lavished my kisses upon his chest, licking his blood and sweat in long, broad laps.

We will be together.

I leaned my head back, exposing my neck completely. “Do it. Do it now. He’s here!”

Answering my request, he pulled me into his embrace and sank his teeth into my neck.

I cried out, instantly thrusting myself upwards to meet his fanged kiss. A flood of raw, electrifying sensations exploded inside me and multiple orgasms rocketed through me.

He lifted me slightly off the bed and he drank from me, holding me gently in his arms the whole time.

I pressed my back into his firm hands and focused on meeting his tempo as I rode him. The room began to spin. Blood trickled down my chest, running past my belly button and along the inside of my thighs. A delightful shiver of fear passed through me as my vampire shuddered and came inside me. I will be his.


Buy Links

Conquest is a Free download at Amazon or Smashwords.

About Victoria Embers

Victoria EmbersVictoria Embers splits her time between being a stay-at-home mom and reading vampire fiction. She believes good romance should make you purr while good erotic fiction should make you scream, but in a good way of course. Embracing her love of vampires and werewolves and the naughty situations they find themselves in, she’s currently writing an erotic short stories series called My Vampire Lover with a blend of paranormal romance and erotica featuring, you guessed it, vampires and werewolves.

Learn more about Victoria at these links Amazon Author page | Facebook Twitter My Vampire Lover series on Facebook | Victoria’s blog

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Why Erotic Romance Is Pornography (& That’s Something to be Thankful For)

First off, Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends. In Canada, we celebrated our Thanksgiving more than a month ago, with all of the turkey and none of the great sales. I’m thankful that you and I live in countries where we are free to express our thoughts and opinions, and where it is totally okay for women to write books with hot sex. So while you’re waiting for that bird to cook, here’s some food for thought.

I was visiting another blog last week when I came across a post about romance novels being ‘porn for women’. I’ve heard the term ‘Mommy porn’ as well, especially in relation to a certain colorful trilogy, and I’ve heard the term used to describe romance novels in general. Usually women are quick to deny it. After all, women don’t like porn. Do we?

First, let’s look at the definition of pornography. According to Merriam-Webster (, pornography can be defined as:

1: the depiction of erotic behavior (as in pictures or writing) intended to cause sexual excitement; 2: material (as books or a photograph) that depicts erotic behavior and is intended to cause sexual excitement; 3: the depiction of acts in a sensational manner so as to arouse a quick intense emotional reaction <the pornography of violence>

Many erotic romance novels would certainly be considered pornography under this definition. I see you waving your hands and I know you’re going to say that erotic romance novels are about telling a story, not just about sexual arousal. But I dare you to read a story-driven erotic romance and NOT be aroused during the sex scenes. The reason we write these scenes is to cause sexual excitement. They are certainly not often necessary from a plot perspective, although there are some exceptions. Let’s be honest. Readers (and I certainly include myself here) pick up the erotic romance novels because they enjoy being sexually aroused by them. If we didn’t want to get all hot and bothered, we’d pick up the sweet romances instead. A mainstream romance does not fit the definition of porn. It may have occasional scenes of a more sensual nature but not of the sort most people would be completely turned on by.

So here is another way of looking at it. My husband has a huge collection of porn. And he’s got the whole range of stuff from VHS to DVD to books to magazines (sorry honey, you know I love you!). I know what porn is. My standard of judging whether something is pornographic is to ask myself, “Would I want my children finding this?” If the answer is no, it’s porn. We make sure to keep hubby’s stuff well hidden. Would I care if my kids picked up your average Harlequin? No. Not that my eleven year old son would. When I told him I was having books published, the conversation went something like this:

Me: I have a book for grown-ups being published.

Him: Cool! Since you’re an author, can you introduce me to J.K. Rowling?

Me:  Writing a book doesn’t automatically put you on speaking terms with every other author.

Him: Well can I read your book?

Me: Absolutely not.

Him: Can I read it when I’m 40?

Me: I guess I can’t stop you then.

Him: What kind of book is it?

Me: A romance.

Him: Oh. (noise of disgust) Well never mind then.

But I digress. Or do I? If my standard for pornography is its suitability for my kids, then my book most certainly is pornographic. I don’t even want them to see the cover! Nor do I want them to find my collection of ebooks, because they aren’t appropriate. Period.

So now that I’ve established that erotic romance (at least the sort I read and write) is pornographic, let’s discuss its suitability for women. Well, duh! Of course it’s for women! And for you hand wavers from before, this is where the story aspect comes into play. I love a good romance story. Many women I talk to love romance.  I first read romance when I picked up my mom’s books at home. (Corollary standard for porn: Would I want my mother finding it? Answer: NO!) But as I said before, if it was only about the romance story, erotic romance as a genre, would not exist.

So if you are looking for something sexually arousing, why not try watching porn, too? There really is something for everyone out there. Just as the romance novels have a heat rating, porn has different ratings, too. It doesn’t have to be all hard core gang banging. There is an increasing amount of “couples” porn out there – all the hot sex (which will appeal to the guys) but with the important story included for the girls. Admittedly, some films do this better than others, but so do some books. And while you’re busy watching the porn, give your hubby a book or two. Mine enjoys them because there’s lots of hot sex, but enough of a story to keep it interesting. We’re both finding that my writing ‘dirty fuck books’ has side benefits 😉 and me watching porn certainly helps with the book ‘research’.

But the most important reason for sharing your interests is the connections you can make as a couple. It is a starting point for those discussions about sex that are sometimes very awkward. How do you tell him you’re ready to try some BDSM? Hand him 50 Shades, with your favourite parts highlighted. Or watch a movie and tell him which parts you like best. It certainly won’t make things dull! And it may just give you 50 things to be thankful for.


Happy Thanksgiving!


Windswept, by Diana MacArthur, is available from

Click here to read Melodee Aaron’s review of Windswept!

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Things that go Bump in the night

Hello everyone.

I’d like to start by saying (or is that typing?) thank you to Melodee and all for letting me guest blog here today!

With Halloween just behind us, I thought I’d talk a little about my fascination with the paranormal world and why it’s such a big part of my writing.

My mother always swore I was a bit of a fae child and that title still suits me today. If it has to do with ghosts, goblins or things that go bump in the night, then I love to read about it. I’m a fan of shows like the Walking Dead and Supernatural. This means that I can often be found curled up on my couch, eyes shut tight, heart racing and wondering for the thousandth time why I watch programs that make me jump out of my skin while scaring my cat when I yelp in startled terror. There are some nights I go to bed and have to make sure all hands and feet are tucked safely into the covers, far out of range of anyone or anything that might be lurking underneath my bed. There’s nothing like having a writer’s imagination and a love of all things paranormal to make for some very interesting nightmares.

My fascination with all things dark and scary led to reading a lot about the origins of the stories we love to tell and retell in books, television and around just about any campfire. The “real” stories our ancestors knew, where vampires don’t sparkle, werewolves had no tails and Will-o’-the-wisps regularly lure unwary travelers to their death. When I write, I like to include elements of those dark and dangerous creatures in the story. They’re the perfect villain for heroes we all can fall in love with. Strong, noble and courageous enough to fight for the women they love.

I write the same type of stories that I love to read. My first book, Whispers in the Dark is a vampire tale of sex, blood and evil. And in December Saved by Sin, my first book in a new series will be released, where I’ll be telling the stories of a group of retired military men and women whose clients are those who need help fighting off the supernatural creatures that hunt or haunt them.

Here’s an introduction to Whispers in the Dark:


Cover for Whispers in the Dark


Kyra Robinson is in trouble. She may not believe in monsters, but that won’t help her when an ancient vampire tries to claim her as his eternal consort.

Gareth Harkness is a vampire hunter with supernatural abilities; he spends his nights fighting the living dead and his days dreaming of an unknown woman who has haunted his dreams for years.  When a string of violent murders brings him to Vancouver, Gareth’s learns his past and the future he dreams of are on a collision course. The vampire who once nearly destroyed his family has found a potential blood mate, and it’s the woman from Gareth’s dreams.

Two men, the hunter and the killer, both of them locked into a war only one of them can win.  In the end Kyra will have to choose, but before she can give her heart away she’ll have to survive the darkness that threatens to take her life, her soul and her sanity.



She was there again. He could sense her in the impossible darkness that always shrouded this particular dream. Her voice called to him, guiding him to her in a world without light. Something touched his hand, a caress of velvet and a whisper of silk that heated his blood immediately. Her cinnamon scent tingled at his nose and her voice faded away with a light trill of laughter. He heard a footfall, reached for her, his hand brushing against soft flesh, warm and smooth. He held on, tugged her closer, cool silk and warm skin filled his hands as he lifted her to his chest and claimed a kiss from her unseen lips. Mouths open, bodies melting together in the heat of their need, a moment of surrender and then she was gone. He was alone again, arms empty, and the darkness was colder without her warmth.

“Soon.” Her voice whispered to him from somewhere in the darkness. “You’ll find me soon, Gareth.”

Gareth Harkness woke up as he always did from that dream, disoriented and alone. She only ever came to him when he was alone. He scrubbed a hand over his unshaven jaw and stared out the window into neon-splattered night. She’d never spoken before. Or if she had he didn’t remember it. The details always faded away too fast to hold onto, leaving him with fragments and sensations, nothing he could hold onto. In all the years he’d dreamed of her, he’d never remembered more than a few vague impressions. This time it had been different.

He rolled out of bed and went to stand by the window, his hands clenched to his sides as he stared into the night. Somewhere out there, she was waiting for him. If only he knew who the hell she was.


 Kyra dreamed she’d been dancing in the club after hours, just her and the music, alone in the dark. She’d heard someone speak her name in a low male voice that spoke so softly she wasn’t even startled to realize she was no longer alone. She’d called back to him, wandering in the darkness until she’d heard him step up behind her. A man’s hand had grasped hers, pulling her gently, and then strong arms had wrapped around her as he drew her against a powerful chest. It was so dark she couldn’t see him at all, but there had been warm skin under her hands and her fingers had traced his face, sifted through his close-cropped hair. The kiss had come suddenly, his lips slanting over hers, insistent and demanding. She’d leaned into that kiss and opened her mouth to his, reveling in it as their tongues danced, and they had shared the very air they breathed. Lips sealed and tongues twined but somehow she had heard an impossible whisper. His voice, making a promise. “Soon.” Then his kiss consumed them both and she was falling—.

Kyra came back to herself with a start and forced her mind out of the daydream she’d been enjoying. Erotic fantasies weren’t her usual vice, but damned if her imagination hadn’t been running away with her this time. She touched her cheek with the back of one hand and laughed when she realized she was flushed. Kyra gave herself a mental shake and sat up straighter in her chair. There was no time for lovers in her life, real or imagined.

It was a Friday night and a full moon, a combination that invariably led to misunderstood flirtations and drunken altercations. Her China blue eyes flicked from monitor to monitor, scanning the wall of images that flickered over one wall of her office as she played the same game she played every night, trying to pick out the subtle signs that something was about to go awry in her night club and then fix it before things actually went sideways. It was a game she’d gotten very good at, which was why Silken was now one of the hottest clubs in the city. She went back to work, cradling her favorite mug in her hands as she sipped at her third Americano of the night, feeling the caffeine jazz and jitter its way to her brain.

Security cameras panned over customers and employees, recording everything. In a place as big as Silken, Kyra had learned it was easier to stay put and watch for trouble than to try and be everywhere at once. She sipped on her coffee and watched it all play out before her. It didn’t take long before she noticed a problem.

She left the soundproofed sanctuary of her office and headed out onto the dimly lit floor of the club, the light and noise and sheer energy of the dancers washing over her in a sensory invasion that she had never managed to quite get used to. She ducked and wove through the crowd, making her way unerringly to her target despite being too short to see over the gyrating bodies of her clientele. Just a hair over five feet tall, Kyra had long since learned to adapt to a world not quite built to her scale. She popped up by the shooter bar and ducked under the counter, earning a welcoming grin from the solitary bartender working at frantic speed to keep up with demand.

“Where’s Jasmine?”

“No clue! She left to grab a new tray of glasses and never came back!” Ash shouted back as he managed to fill two more orders.

Kyra just nodded and pulled out her radio. A few quick words later, she clipped it back to her belt and touched Ash’s shoulder. “Nick’s on his way over to give you a hand. You need anything else, call me.”

“Thanks, Boss,” Ash grinned and went back to work.

She headed for the back of the club, concern and irritation warring for space in her mind. Jasmine was a recent addition to her staff, but she’d seemed to be working out well. What the hell happened to make her just walk out mid-shift?

 * * * *

Whispers in the Dark is for sale at Siren-Bookstrand

And if you’re curious about my new series “Paladin Protection Agency” you can go take a sneak peek at Saved by Sin and On Jason’s Watch  Right here.

 Thanks for reading!

Susan Hayes


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Gargoyles, the New Kind of Shifter

Mmmm…Shifters. There’s something intoxicating in the thought of these powerful, sleek panthers and fierce wolves and dangerous bears changing into approachable, touchable men. I find myself reading these stories late at night when no one can see me drooling as they transform to make love to the heroine.

Or in my case, since I read and write m/m romance, to the lovely men who capture their wild hearts.

As I read these stories, I had the sudden urge to write a shifter story of my own. There’s something so innately sensual about these men and women. I wanted to write my own love affair involving them.

So why did I choose a gargoyle as my hero? I’ve always been fascinated by them and how they’re usually twisted into grotesque monsters and yet are there to protect us from evil. Heartache waiting to happen!

And what would happen if one of these unfortunate, misunderstood creatures came to life, could be loved and hurt as we are? I couldn’t resist!

I wanted to bring my gargoyle Adrian from stone into living flesh. But how to make a fanciful creature not only become real to a reader but also believable? I wanted to keep away from the flash and glitter of movies. So I had it happen without magic at all, but by a ‘gift’ all Watchers possess, part of their nature.

And to breathe life into this gargoyle I decided to make him as flawed as the rest of us with his own insecurities and strengths, joys and heartbreaks. A person we can relate to.

My story, Philip’s Watcher’ is about two young men caught up in a war neither is prepared for but find the strength to succeed in each other.


Philip’s Watcher

m/m erotic fantasy


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Darkness is spreading in the world with only the powerful Agenor family to oppose it. In the guise of a stone gargoyle atop the castle walls, Adrian has protected Philip, the young heir, since birth, watching him grow from childhood into a strong but lonely man without love.

When the clan chief, Philip’s father, is murdered by those he trusted, Adrian resumes his human form to better protect his beloved Philip. And finds his love returned. As lovers, their passion is all-consuming, but as they fight against treachery from within, will their love be enough to stem the dark tide sweeping the land? And will it be enough to keep Adrian’s heart alive…


Philip chewed his lip as he watched the storm clouds gather in the leaden sky. The wind picked up, cold and heavy with rain. It whipped the hair from his face and distracted him from the study of the desolate landscape spread below his feet. How he longed for spring! But winter lingered long past when it should have given way to new growth in the valley. He guessed the reason for it, and a cold finger of dread touched his heart.

An icy gust buffeted him on the exposed balcony, and Philip gathered the long strands of his hair and tied them at his neck. He bit hard on his bottom lip to stop its tremble and welcomed the pain against the ache in his heart. “He’s not coming back, is he?” he whispered as the first fat drops of moisture struck his face. He pounded a fist on the stone railing in frustration and impotent fury. “Father should have let them come to us, where we’re prepared.”

But their enemy had thrown down the gauntlet, and in his pride, Philip’s father picked it up. Jonathon Agenor had always been that way, as far back as Philip remembered. He supposed the gravity of being the Agenor Chief had made his father distant. The man kept his own council and wouldn’t listen to Philip’s cautions against a trap. The bait had been a threat against Philip’s life, something the proud man couldn’t tolerate. His life had been the forfeit. Philip closed his eyes and let the grief wash over him.

The rain swept against the walls of the stronghold, and Philip leaned his head against the stone statue on the railing beside him. “I still have you, and that’s a comfort.” He turned his gaze to the familiar face. There were many gargoyles on the high balconies of the castle, but this was his favorite. The onyx eyes glittered as if in sympathy. Distraught, Philip trailed a finger along the crack in the stonework from the creature’s forehead to its muscular chest. He flattened his hand over the cold heart and willed it to beat as he had hundreds of times before. The stone stayed firm under his palm.

“I know one of you is my Watcher,” Philip said, and he searched the stone eyes for any flicker of life. They remained fixed on some distant point, and he sighed. He rested his head on a powerful shoulder, which supported the draping wings and ran his fingers up and down the strong arm nearest him. Philip remembered arms holding him, once upon a time, soft and warm and comforting. He’d felt safe and loved in his mother’s embrace. Philip tilted his head to the creature’s ear. He’d whispered his secrets to this gargoyle all his life and saw no reason to stop now.

“I miss her,” he confessed. “Every day. I’ve been…lonely. But more than that, I could use her wisdom, now more than ever. With Father gone, my enemies will come here. What if I’m not strong enough to hold them back? They can’t be allowed to make a stronghold here.” A frown creased his forehead. “Why are we enemies, Gargoyle? Can you tell me that? Mother explained good and evil to me. Good wants to protect and cherish the earth. Evil would seize power and bend nature to its will. But which am I? I don’t know the earth. I’ve lived my life in these protected walls. Perhaps evil lives in me as well.”

Philip turned his head, hoping to catch a response to his outrageous statement. The stone remained cold, and a fey mood came over him, desperate. “You remain silent?” His gaze swept the heights of the castle. Dozens of statues stared down at him or looked out over the land his family protected. He laughed, and it sounded bitter to his ears. Rain pelted the castle and struck his face, and Philip railed against a fate he had no control over. Was he a mere puppet in this war for power? He had seen his family killed one by one. Would he be next?

In defiance, he climbed up on the balustrade and opened his arms. The storm seemed to increase in fury. Rain pounded against him, the wind seemed bent on pulling him from the wall. He shouted and shook his fist at the sky.

“If I fell, Gargoyle, would my Watcher catch me?” Rainwater poured from the spouted demons on the towers down to the valley far below. Mother had said he had a Watcher, a protector given to him at birth, but he’d never seen him. Never felt his presence. Alone, bereft, Philip wondered if he shouldn’t step off the edge…

At once a blanket of warmth engulfed him. He was cherished, guarded, needed. And beneath that he sensed love, deep and pure. “Come down.” A voiced thrummed inside him, full of fear. Philip climbed onto the balcony and stood with his back to the storm. He hung his head, ashamed of the childish, dangerous act.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered. The knowledge that his protector was near was a balm to his sore heart, and he straightened. He took a steadying breath. “Evil is moving in the world, Gargoyle. Father had gone to see the wise woman in the village to see if she knew who threatened me. Perhaps I should go see her myself, when the storm passes.”

He ran a hand over his face, cold and discouraged. He touched the gargoyle’s arm. “I’m young and naive to the ways of the world. I need guidance, and if you are my Watcher, dear friend, then it’s cruel not to tell me.” Philip sighed when he received no answer and retreated to the empty rooms within the thick walls of his home.


Dianne Hartsock





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Illusion: The Vampire Destiny Series Book 2 by Alexandra Anthony

This is my second appearance on Melodee Aaron’s site (thank you to Melodee for having me again)…and this time, I’m here to announce the second (and newest book) in the series, Illusion.  The Vampire Destiny Series centers around Josephine Anderson, a 28 year old psychic empath who meets the undead man of her dreams in Stefan Lifsten.  He’d been on a mission to find her after his own vision of her 200 years ago.

Here is an excerpt of Illusion (and it appears we’ve caught them in a heated moment):

When we stepped inside and the doors closed behind us, I lunged at him.  Slamming him against the metal wall of the elevator, I showed him that I wanted him with a ferocity that both excited and terrified me.  My hands savagely pulled at his tie and my fingers were frantic as they struggled to unbutton his shirt.  I grabbed the lapels of his jacket, pulling his face down to mine.  My lips crashed against his, my tongue plunging into his mouth, dodging his sharp fangs.  I started to reach for his belt and his hand gripped my wrist, stopping me just as the elevator opened on our floor.  Stefan backed us out into the hallway, our kiss never breaking.  He smoothly pushed me against the wall on one side of the hall and I pressed back, knocking him against the other side.  He somehow had the presence of mind to find his keys, swiftly opening the door and we stumbled inside, our arms and legs tangled together.

We were a blur as we struggled for dominance in our need to make love.  Our hands were in perpetual motion, stripping away the layers of our clothing as we continued our frenzied dance.  His suit jacket fell in the living room, my shoes were haphazardly kicked aside in the kitchen.  His dress shirt and tie landed in the hallway and my dress ended up in the doorway of our bedroom.  Our mouths were relentless as we devoured each other with mindless, drugging kisses that left me shaking, breathless and craving more.

“You told me I suitably wooed you, Josephine.  Now I am going to properly fuck you.”

I broke free from his grasp and backed away from him until I was on the opposite side of the bed, moving faster than I ever had before.  Cocking my eyebrow in defiance, I crooked a finger at him, motioning for him to come to me.

Only the city lights from the wall of windows illuminated the room as he swaggered towards me, looking like a sinister angel, fallen to earth to tempt me.  The pale muscles in his chest and arms flexed as he unbuckled his belt and pulled it from his pants, dropping it to the floor.  His eyes were predatory as he watched me, his fingers twitching in anticipation.  I knew if he chose to, he could have me pinned to the bed before I could even react.  Stefan was enjoying the chase, like a lion stalking a gazelle.

I heard him flick open the button on his pants and the zipper lower slowly, the fabric rustling as it slipped over his narrow hips.  His smile was wicked and sexy as he crawled across the bed towards me, hooking a finger underneath the front of my bra, pulling me to him.

Stefan’s eyes drifted to my breasts before lifting his gaze to meet mine.  His tongue swiped across his lower lip.  “Playing hard to get, vackra?”

“Would you like me to?” I asked saucily.  Threading my fingers through his hair, my hands stopped at the nape of his neck.  I tugged his head back, exposing the long stretch of his throat to my eyes.  He swallowed unevenly and his body tensed beautifully, every muscle contracting.    Lowering my lips to his chest, I licked across his collar bones, up the length of his neck to the curve of his jaw.  I loosened my grip on his hair and his eyes met mine again, the blue eclipsed by the blackness of his pupils, his lips parted slightly.

Without another word, his finger snapped the lacy fabric apart.  He crawled closer and his tongue flickered out to lazily lick circles around my nipple, causing a shiver to run down my back.  He turned his attention to the other, but instead of feeling his tongue, his fangs sank into my skin and he swallowed hungrily.  My hands fisted in his thick blond hair, encouraging him to drink.  When he withdrew his fangs and his arms blurred to grab me, I had no time to respond.

When I saw the smug smirk on his face, I realized much too late that the aggressor had become the prey.  Stefan had me pinned to the bed and he moved to straddle me, his long, powerful legs on both sides of my thighs.  His fingers began tracing a line from my cheekbone, down my jaw to caress the side of my neck where he could feel my pulse racing from his touch.  His heavily hooded eyes watched the vein throb for a moment before he resumed his exploration, outlining the curve of my breast and running his palm over my ribs.  My chest heaved in anticipation as his hand dropped lower to ghost against my stomach, casually running a finger over my panties.  They were soaked, and when he ripped them from me, I let out a soft cry of surprise.

“Shh…” Stefan’s voice floated through my thoughts.





Since this is the second book in the series, I’ll also throw in an excerpt from Book 1, Fated:

Stefan’s body trembled against mine and his hands released the grip on my wrists.  My fingers reached up to wipe my blood from his chin and his tongue swiftly darted out to lick at them greedily.

He fell to his side, pulling me along with him so we were lying face to face on the bed, his long leg draping across my thigh.  His eyes were closed and his large hand ran down the length of my back in a gentle caress.  For a brief unguarded minute, his thoughts tumbled out freely and his mind was completely open to me.  He was blissful, the happiness he felt bordered on euphoria.  His thoughts were consumed with the unwavering love he felt for me, the sheer emotion he was feeling was almost too much for me to understand.

My heart twisted when I felt his fear of my limited human life span creep into the boundaries of his mind, his thoughts darkening as he worried about me leaving him, either on my own volition or by his greatest fear: in my death.  He was uncertain that I would choose to change to stay with him and this terrified him.

As quickly as his thoughts flooded my mind, he closed them off to me like a door slamming shut to an unwanted visitor.  He sighed deeply in regret and his eyes closed to avoid my anxious stare.  I couldn’t force him to look at me, although I’d try my best to reassure him.

Curling myself around him, I opened my thoughts to him, hiding nothing from him.  I showed him the strength of my feelings, the curiosity I felt at how he was able to unlock a side of me I kept hidden away.  I focused on the ferocity of my love for him and how meeting him was the one thing in my life that made me the happiest, how I’d finally found a sense of home with him.  My throat ached with unshed tears when I realized that I was in so deep now, I couldn’t imagine my life without him beside of me.  I needed him as much as he needed me.

Stefan was silent as he pulled me closer to him.  I felt him draw in an unnecessary breath and his shaky exhale against my hair.  His mental voice was soft as it brushed against my mind. “I love you, Josephine. No matter what you choose to do, I am eternally yours. Jag är din och du är min. För evigt.”

With a whimper from me, I reclaimed his mouth with mine, turning my head to drink him in.  Our mouths met with wet need, desperate to prove to each other the depth of our love.

I knew beyond a doubt that I loved him and didn’t want to live without him.  It was up to me to figure out if one lifetime was enough.



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Author Bio and Links:

Alexandra Anthony loves all things vampire and enjoys writing romantic/erotic stories combining vampires and the paranormal, the idea of good happily ever after story and the possibility that there could be a supernatural Prince Charming lurking out there.

Alexandra lives in the Midwest with her husband and daughter. She is currently writing the The Vampire Destiny series in which Josephine Anderson, a Psychic Empath, meets the undead man of her dreams.


Twitter:  @AlexAnthony80




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The Fine Line


Hello and welcome.  First of all, thank you to Melodee (and Nikki and the rest of the staff) for letting me blog here today.

My name is L.M. Brown and I am a writer of male/male romances.

This year, as I am sure you all know there has been one book released that everyone is talking about.  It is the fastest selling paperback of all time (at least it was at the time of writing this blog post and we all know how fast things can change in that regard).  It is the book that has brought erotic BDSM fiction into the spotlight.  Love it or hate it, there’s no way to ignore the phenomenon that is 50 Shades of Grey.  I have not read the book personally and probably won’t.  I’m certainly not going to be criticising it or anything like that.  What I would like to do is talk a little about the fan fiction aspect of 50 Shades, and how it changes things for writers like myself.

For those who don’t know (I suspect maybe there is still the odd individual out there who doesn’t) 50 Shades started out as a Twilight fan fiction story, for which it has been criticised. Accusations of copyright infringement have surrounded 50 Shades, although they appear to be unfounded.  I would imagine if there was a copyright issue Stephanie Meyer would have taken action long before now.

However, in the wake of 50 Shades, some publishers have now changed their policies with regard to fan fiction stories and will no longer accept any stories that have previously been written as fan fiction or published online.  Although I don’t know the reasoning behind individual publisher’s decisions, in the light of the controversy around 50 Shades, it may be the best choice – better safe than sorry.

The issue does raise an interesting question though: where is the line between fan fiction and original fiction?

I make no secret of the fact that I have written fan fiction in the past.  It is still online at various archives for those who know where to look.  I have never considered re-writing any of them so that they are about original characters and have no intention of trying to get any of them published.  They are fan fiction and will remain so.

Many of my male/male fan fiction stories have at their centre a certain famous werewolf.  I have to wonder what would happen if I were to write an original fiction story about a werewolf or a wolf shifter.  As it happens I do have a little plot bunny on the back burner about a shape-shifter who is a white wolf.  I blame several people on Facebook for sending that plot bunny in my direction with some gorgeous pictures of white wolves.

The story I have in mind has nothing to do with the fan fiction world and the characters are completely different. But how much of my story would be influenced by my fan fiction origins?  Maybe a lot, maybe none at all; only when the story is done will I be able to judge for myself. In light of the controversy surrounding the origins of 50 Shades I’ll certainly be very careful about what goes into my stories when I touch on subjects that I have already written fan fiction about.

This is certainly the case for my newest story, Let Down Your Hair.  Robert, the cross-dressing hero of this male/male fairy tale romance, is not the first man I have written into female clothing.  I have done the same twice in fan fiction and one of them was in a “sort of” fairy tale setting.  The stories however are completely different, the fan fiction one being about a rather reluctant Red Riding Hood who had been hypnotised, and Let Down Your Hair being a whole different kettle of fish.

Was I influenced by the fan fiction I wrote?  Probably yes, in a very small way.  Just as I might also have been influenced by Shakespeare’s comedy As You Like It, and every other cross-dressing story I have ever read.

I think every writer draws inspiration from a hundred or more different sources, and sometimes this will include both other writer’s works and fan fiction.

Do I consider Let Down Your Hair to be anything other than original?  Absolutely not.   If you get the opportunity to read it, I hope that you agree.



In a world where fairy stories are historical fact, Prince Aiden is on a quest to find a princess to rescue and bring home as his bride. Deep in the Enchanted Forest he finds Robert, a cross-dressing painter who lives alone in his tower. Mistaking him for a woman, Prince Aiden is determined to have Robert as his bride.

When the prince of his dreams shows up at Robert’s tower he is far from happy, especially when the handsome prince refuses to believe he is a man. Can he convince Prince Aiden to love him as the man he is, or is their happily ever after doomed from the start?



Robert sat up so they were on eye level once more. “I never said my true love was a woman,” he whispered before leaning forward and brushing his lips across Aiden’s. Aiden sat there as still as a statue, while Robert contemplated when exactly he had lost his bloody mind.

When it was clear Aiden was not responding to his kiss at all, Robert pulled away and threw himself backward onto the mattress.

“What was that?” Aiden asked.

“I believe it’s called a kiss.”

“There’s no need for sarcasm. Why did you kiss me?”

“A wife has the right to kiss her husband if she wants,” Robert snapped. “Since you insist I play the part, I figured I can kiss you if I want to.”

“But why would you want to?”

Robert snorted humourlessly. “Damned if I know.”

Aiden settled back down beside him. “Have you ever done that before? Kissed another man, I mean.”


“Do you like me?”

“Would I have kissed you if I didn’t?”

“So you do like me?”

“I suppose so.”

“It’s only natural, I guess. Everyone is waiting for the handsome prince to come rescue them from their dreary lives.”

“My life wasn’t dreary.”

Aiden turned his head to wink at Robert. “I notice you didn’t question my handsomeness.”

Robert threw a pillow at Aiden and turned his back on him. It was going to be a very long night. His cock, wide awake and raring to go, reminded him it was going to be another uncomfortable night as well.


Available from Silver Publishing


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Seven Sinfully Sexy Sisters

The Sin Sisters are all gathered ready to announce the arrival of book one – and to give you a sneak peak into book two – in the Seven Sister Seriesby Paloma Beck. We’ve caught them in the middle of girl time…

Eloise looked around at her sisters, so content with them surrounding her. The flames from the fire pit in the center of the stoned patio flickered across their faces, each so beautiful. The mood was more quiet than usual, her sisters more relaxed. Maybe it was the wine they’d been drinking since before dinner. Eloise was just so grateful to all be together. So much was changing for them and she was happy but still needed this connection.
“Two down. Five more to go,” Paige spoke into her wine glass but each sister heard the softly spoken words and turned in her direction. She noticed and acted surprised they had heard her. But the sisters know better since near perfect hearing was something they’d each come to live with. “What? You act as if this is such a shock. It’s the prophecy.”
“It’s love,” Gracie insisted.
“Love is a fairytale. We are a prophecy,” Paige quipped back. “We will each take a mate and it won’t be long now. Prophecy says the seven born to the seventh shall complete the link. And it shall be one after the next in quick succession.”
“Oh Goddess, Paige, will you stop it,” Amelia untucked her legs from beneath her and sat forward in her chair, her anger rising. “You cannot judge the emotions of others. To each their own.”
“I’m not judging emotion. I’m stating fact and the fact here is that whether we like it or not, we are this prophecy so love or not, we’ll be mated,” Paige explained.
“Ok, Paige, I’ll give you prophecy but you have to agree that there is a piece of that prophecy that relies on love, a connection, romance…” Layla mused.
“Romance? Are you kidding? Even you tried to fight Madden,” Paige stood then and paced. “You’re going to romanticize this now, aren’t you?”
Layla remained relaxed in her seat while trying to explain, “I was hesitant. I’d never felt many of the desires you take for granted. They were all so overwhelming and I was afraid. But when I opened myself to Madden, and then to Anton, I let them love me.”
“That is so romantic,” Sadie grinned and reached over to touch Layla’s arm.
“Romantic is this chunk of diamond on her finger,” Gemma added. From the other side of Layla, she reached for her diamond ring and moved it so the flames glittered off the many facets and sent light glittering through their circle.
“Mmm… how he gave it to her was even more romantic,” Eloise tacked on with a wide grin.
“How about you, Eloise?” Layla attempted to get the spotlight off her, “What does Caedon do that’s romantic?”
With a blush that nearly turned Eloise as scarlet as her wrap, she shook her head with a cheshire grin. “I tell no secrets.”

Eloise’s book, Eternal Envy, releases on October 8th. But first, catch up on the series by reading Layla’s story in Lustful Cravings.

Lustful Cravings, Paloma Beck
Seven sisters are entwined in a legacy bigger than anyone ever expected. One by one, they will find their mates from the immortal Valendite breeds and secure their place in history. Each sister embodies one of the seven deadly sins only to be cast aside once claimed. But claiming comes at the price of separation, causing a weakening of their combined powers, which none want to happen… until Layla, holding the sin of lust within her body, locks eyes with Madden.
Madden is one of the strongest of the Valendite Breed, a group of near-immortal men originating from the Italian Wars in the 1500s. Today, the Valendite Breed serve as the Terrorist Elimination Unit (TEU), an invisible arm of the CIA. Their only weakness is their need for a mate to carry on the Breed. So now that Madden has found Layla, he will never let her go.
With forces mounting up against the Breed, Madden and Layla will need to rely on all of their powers combined to get them to their Pronouncement.

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Madden pulled away from her, just slightly, and she whimpered in protest. He chuckled and kissed her nose when he saw her wrinkle it. Struck by the flush of her cheeks, Madden noted the same flush running down her throat and to the very top of her breasts. As she took deep breaths to calm herself, he placed his forehead against hers. But Madden only paused for a moment because he had no intention of letting the emotions he was pulling from Layla subside. He would not let her gain the control she was wrestling for. A woman off-balance was what he needed her to be.
As part of the Valendite Breed, Madden had been raised to know the prophecy, to appreciate the significance of finding your mate and claiming her. He planned to worship Layla until the day they died. The sharing of blood so sacred, nothing could tear them from one another. Not only would their blood bond them together but it would also sustain Madden and prolong Layla’s life so she lived as long as he did.
Madden moved his hands to frame her face and drew her head up to meet her eyes. He brushed a soft kiss against her full lips before speaking, his voice husky with desire. “Take your tongue, Layla love, and touch it to my sharpest teeth. The blood exchange will bind us and I can take you then. Ho bisogno di te. Please don’t make me wait.”
Madden’s words were barely finished when he took her mouth again. Gently his tongue drew hers out, slowing to let her catch up to his need. When he felt the puncture wounds and tasted the first drop of her blood, he moaned low inside himself. He felt Layla tense at first and then soften her body as it settled into his own. Her moans began to mirror his. He could feel her desire as if it was his own, and it multiplied the urge to claim her and demand she submit to him as his mate.
Madden held back with every piece of control he had been trained to possess. This moment required him to remain in control, to ease her in the mating. He felt her pull away. Her body shuttered and a small whimper bubbled up from her throat. He was suddenly struck by her vulnerability.
“What’s happened, Madden? Why do I feel this way?” His Layla was frightened and he wanted nothing more than to comfort her. Her feisty golden eyes now appeared panicked. Madden couldn’t bear it.
“Layla love, we’re bonded now. You will forever feel what I feel just as I will feel the emotions inside of you. It is a powerful thing for mates. It will make the next act we perform even richer than any romance book you’ve ever read.” He rose then from the floor between her legs and pulled her to him, carrying her out of the room.
“Which way to your bedroom, Layla?”



Author Paloma BeckPaloma Beck is an erotic romance writer in both the Contemporary and Paranormal realms. Happily married and living a life of total contradiction, Paloma runs carpool service for her three sons, volunteers in PTA and teaches religious education. Then in the moments when her characters talk to her, she journals their stories – and they are anything but PG. As a natural introvert, quiet time with her characters is necessary to keep sane while writing is the perfect outlet for her creativity. Paloma believes a daily dose of coffee and a good book make any day better.


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