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About Melodee and Her Books

Melodee Aaron writes Erotica Romance in a number of subgenres including (but not limited to) Science Fiction (hard and soft), Fantasy, Contemporary, Historical, Paranormal, and others. Often the subgenres are mixed up a little leading to some interesting results.

The common thread is that all of Melodee’s stories in Erotica Romance end Happily Ever After…at least for now.

Her current series include:

Ike Payne Adventures – These stories center on Ikira “Ike” Payne, a Marine in charge of security aboard HMSS Warren E. Boone, the flagship of the Emperor of Mankind. Ike and her man, Devon, deal with the day-to-day events as well as the occasional major disaster like murder, terrorists, and crashing on desert planets.

Flights of Fancy – This series deals with the travels of HMSS Daedalus as they seek out new peoples on a mission of first contact. They find everything from pyrokinetics to dragons to knights to vampires on their missions.

Most of Melodee’s Sci-Fi offerings are set in the Immortal Love Universe, a place that spans some 15-billion years of time and the entire galaxy in space. In this universe live a group of immortals who struggle to keep the peoples of the galaxy alive for just one more day.

Many of Melodee’s stories deal with the concept of polyamory. While many authors and publishers lump these kinds of stories into the classification of a ménage, Melodee hates that term. To Melodee, ménage implies simple group sex. In a polyamorous relationship, there is true romantic love between the parties, and sex is merely the expression of that love. This is a perhaps a subtle, but very important difference.

The majority of Melodee’s Erotica Romance stories are written at the high end of the “heat level” scale and are not for the faint of heart!

Those interested in seeing some of Melodee’s Erotica Romance work are invited to check out the Free Reads section to the right side of the page, particularly Magic Love and Casting Call for Love.

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