THWT Question for 08 MAY 2018



The Two Hundred Word Tuesday question for today is:


Do you like to create books for adults, children, or the nebulous “young adults” most?


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  1. As an erotic romance author, I write only for adults. I don’t mind reading to children, though having had none myself I’m not sure I’d even know how to begin writing for them. And I’ve found YA books to be some of the most interesting and best written out there, but again, I’d have no idea where to start writing a YA novel. That leaves me with adults. 😉 I enjoy writing sexy stories and exploring the attraction men and women have for each other. And while my latest book, Naval Maneuvers, about the men and women serving in the U.S. Navy, could be written from the standpoint of a child’s fears when his mom or dad go away for long periods of time, or the angst of a teen having to change schools senior year (as I did), I prefer not to. I’d rather approach the story from where men and women fall in love and have affairs (not necessarily in that order). To me it’s just more fun.

  2. Hi, Miz M!

    I’ve written for YA, “new adult,” and adult. I loved the young adult saga, 300K words and four novels about magic and growing up. Those same books (The Twilight of Magic) spawned nine novels geared at an adult audience, in which I’ve tried to retain some of the wonder and poetry of seeing the world with new eyes.

    If i could figure out how to reach the vast YA audience effectively , I would continue. But as you say, it’s nebulous, with ever-shifting demands. Now I write mainly MM mystery-romance. That audience, too, is becoming more entropic every day…a tale for another time, another blog!

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