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Here is today’s Two Hundred Word Tuesday question:


What are the most important elements of good writing?


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  1. *What are the most important elements of good writing?*

    I may answer this question differently each time I address it. But at this moment in my writerly career, I would list the following points, in order as I think of them:

    a) Never cheat the reader by allowing sloppy writing. Indie writers (such as myself) do not answer to harsh editors, so we must be doubly sure that our writing is clean and clear. Grammar and style, elements of plotting and character development, pacing, maintaining tension/tone/mood…and lots more. Be true to thyself, but also to the reader!

    b) Write the story *you* want to read. Period. If you smile or weep when you re-read it, so will your audience. Because the work is probably damn good. Which leads me to the final point:

    c) Stay true to yourself, always. When you have a choice between originality and compromise, choose the former. You will respect yourself for it, and readers will too.

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