THWT Question for 10 OCT 2017



Here’s the Two Hundred Word Tuesday question for 10 OCT 2017:


How did you come up with the title for your very first book?


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  1. My first book centered on a tomboy 15-year-old in the time of St. Patrick. In a discussion with her grandfather one day about the properties of plants, she remarks: “Even a thorn is a weapon, hidden by the rose.” She studies not only herbology but also martial arts, a dangerous combination in a small teenage girl. In the climax of the story, she thwarts the bad guys by tricking them into the “jaws” of the dog rose (Rosa Canina), planted extensively millennia ago around the properties of land owners because of their vicious thorns. Voila, the name of the novel became HIDDEN BY THE ROSE.

    I’ve recently revised and republished this novel. It’s become the second of a four-novel saga in The Twilight of Magic series. Thanks for asking!

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