THWT Question for 19 SEP 2017



Here’s the Two Hundred Word Tuesday question for 19 SEP 2017:


Are there any teachers you particularly disliked in school?


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  1. I’ll always remember my Shakespeare professor who called me a shameless hussy in front of the entire lecture hall.

  2. Ha! I adored most of my teachers, but a few creeps stand out. The worst, I think was Mr. X who taught eighth-grade geometry. He was a self-styled comedian who thought it funny to make up sexist names for the female students…who illustrated angle concepts via barely-concealed lewd examples…who sent the guys out to measure the hypotenuse of the local pool hall walls…Oh yuk, I hate remembering this turd. Her would never have lasted in this social media- and litigation-dominated culture, but he managed to get away with his crude tactics quite well, thank you. 🙁

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