THWT Question for 11 JUL 2017



Here’s the Two Hundred Word Tuesday Question for 11 JUL 2017:


What was your first job and how did you get it?


Keep Loving!



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  1. Back in the day, a waitress was called a “hasher”…because she (never a he) dished out the hash to hungry diners. My mom, also a waitress, got me a job at the small-town coffee shop where she worked. That’s where I began my life long affair with coffee and with observing my fellow human beings. 😀

      • Melodee on July 11, 2017 at 07:49

      My first “real” job was also as a server (about as politically correct as I get), though I did have a number of other things I did prior to that either as a volunteer or just plain old pro bono.

      Let me tell you…working in a burger chain (Steak ‘n’ Shake) as a server when you’re totally deaf in the late 1980s wasn’t easy! Only reason I even got the job is that I impressed the manager…

      To this day, based on his stares and attention, I think he interviewed my boobs.

      Keep Loving!

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