Jul 04

THWT Question for 04 JUL 2017



The Two Hundred Word Tuesday question the 4th of July 2017 is:


How long does it take you to write a book?


Keep Loving!



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  1. willaedwards

    It depends on the book and the length. It takes about an hour for me to write a thousand words and about twice that time to revise it. So a 30k story will take me roughly 90 hours to write. That’s the average length of my works. But longer would obviously be much faster. And a short story I can complete in an afternoon.

    1. Melodee

      Maybe I’ve been the proverbial long-ass novelist for too many years…

      In terms of time per word, I find I can write longer works (over 100K words) faster than shorter works (under 30K).

      Go figure!

      Keep Loving!

  2. erinoquinn_erin

    Six of my personal favorites were creatures of NaNoWriMo…written in 30 days. That particular venue causes my muse to panic and produce, for some reason. 🙂

    On the other hand, like you and the commenter “jlperidot,” I’ve been fretting over the thrd of a trilogy for more than two years. I need a wild hair you-know-where to finish it. Maybe this year’s NaNo?

    Write happy!

    1. Melodee

      I’ve only done the NaNoWriMo a couple of times, but for a number of reasons it’s just not my particular cup of tea.

      I can see, however, for others that contest/challenge environment may be just the ticket to get them moving!

      Keep Loving!

  3. jlperidot

    It varies so much. My latest one was done in just a few months, but I’ve been working on a first draft of another one for almost two years. Eep!

    1. Melodee

      I suspect that’s more or less typical…I too have books that are still on the WIP list after more years than I care to admit.

      On the other end of the bell curve, I’ve written entire books from concept to release in less than six weeks!

      Keep Loving!

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