THWT Question for 27 JUN 2017



The Two Hundred Word Tuesday question for 27 JUN 2017 is:


Name one entity that you feel supported you outside of family members.


Keep Loving!



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  1. When I began writing, I knew zilch, nada, nothing about social media, or even about blogs. I was a babe in the woods (and still am, to some extent). A few really nice people kind of took me under their wing, writers of Celtic Romance, who invited me to guest on their blogs.

    I’ve since joined Facebook, have a Twitter acount and dabble in a few other outlets. I have about 5 blog sites of my own. But without those first angels spreaing their wings under a falling author, I doubt I would have sold any books at all, nor learned the ropes so quickly.

    (Thanks Miriam Newman, Rosemary Gemmell and Paula Martin). 😀

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