THWT Question for 16 MAY 2017



Today’s Two Hundred Word Tuesday question is:


What tools are must-haves for writers?


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  1. Here are the main tools I have used for years, in order of importance:

    (1) An excellent dictionary (I use the one on my iMac and the S.O.E.D, also installed on my computer)

    (2) A thesaurus

    (3) Any reputable style guide, or the one your publisher uses

    Secondary tools are: a good search engine (e.g., Yahoo! or Bing or Google)… a screen capture app… a very reliable computer…Mac,. of course!

    Great question, Melodee. I’d like to know your own most important tools. 🙂

      • Melodee on May 16, 2017 at 09:04

      I’d have to agree with your list, Erin, as well as that of most authors replying on the various mailing lists.

      Personally, I was never a big Apple fan. Last Apple I had was an Apple IIgs. But you’re 100% right…a powerful, reliable computer is a must. Personally, I use a SGI workstation with more CPUs than I can count and a butt-load of memory. Oh, and I run Linux as the OS. The bloody thing is done booting and is ready for me to log on before I get my finger off the power button. The really important part is having four monitors connected…that lets me have the aforementioned dictionary, thesaurus, and search engines plus other pages of research all open and visible at the same time needing only to look to the left, right, or above the screen with the word processor. Overkill? Probably, but it sure makes things easier!

      There is, however, one important thing to add: A good place to write. This includes the room itself (well lit, climate control, no distractions, etc.) and the furniture (sturdy desk, comfortable chair, book shelves as needed, etc.).

      Keep Loving!

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