THWT Question for 09 MAY 2017



The Two Hundred Word Tuesday question for 09 MAY 2017 is:


Is there any subject you particularly liked in school?


Keep Loving!



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  1. My favorites in high schgool were always language (any language, from Latin to Spanish) and art. In college, I became an English major (natch), but my grad studies were comp lit (old French, old Spanish, old English, etc.). I use my language interest continually in my writing; and some sensibility about color and layout have helped me in creating covers and promotions.

    Have a great week, Melodee. 😀

      • Melodee on May 9, 2017 at 16:32

      All but one of my degrees are in the “hard sciences”, and that happens to be English. Most of the rest have a heavy emphasis on math, too.

      Languages were never my strong suit, though…I can speak French very well, I can survive with my Russian, and I know enough Spanish to pick up guys. Language (even my native English) is rough for a little deaf blonde girl!

      My favorite is the math side of the street. Love it! And writing in hard SciFi most of the time, I use it.

      Keep Loving!

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