THWT Question for 02 MAY 2017



The first Two Hundred Word Tuesday question for May 2017 is:


How do you market your work? What avenues have you found to work best for your genre?


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  1. I market mainly via two media: Facebook and various “bookstore” web sites. Twitter can join the list, but I’ve not put my full efforts into exploiting it. I used to target emails, but I’ve begun to look at emails through the same lens as the way I receive them: they seem to be clutter, or noisome like chiggers. So I automatically delete them by the hundreds, and I think a lot of other recipients do too!

    For M/M, I target to “manlove” sites on FB, and I have an author page. For other titles, I target to romance groups/YA sites/another FB author age/Timeline page.

    I offer my titles through Amazon, Sea to Sky, Inside Romance, Smashwords, and QueerRomanceInk.

    What is the best avenue? I haven’t yet cracked the code!

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