THWT Question for 25 APR 2017



Here’s the Two Hundred Word Tuesday question for 25 APR 2017…


Thinking back to the first story you wrote and actually sold, was it: Too Long; Too Short; or Just the Right Length?


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  1. That first one was long…over 100K words. And it was followed by two others in the same series, each longer than the last. >gag< What was I thinking?

    So when I re-wrote and re-released them a month or so ago, each came out longer than the originals. 😀 I guess I had an ingrained feel, even then, for how to over-do an already whacky idea.

    The series is "The Twilight of Magic." The first in the series (RUNNING OVER RAINBOWS) I wrote years later as a backstory; it's half the length of the others.

    BTW, these days I keep my novels at around 60-80K words so as not to put myself to sleep.

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