Apr 25

THWT Question for 25 APR 2017



Here’s the Two Hundred Word Tuesday question for 25 APR 2017…


Thinking back to the first story you wrote and actually sold, was it: Too Long; Too Short; or Just the Right Length?


Keep Loving!



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  1. That first one was long…over 100K words. And it was followed by two others in the same series, each longer than the last. >gag< What was I thinking?

    So when I re-wrote and re-released them a month or so ago, each came out longer than the originals. 😀 I guess I had an ingrained feel, even then, for how to over-do an already whacky idea.

    The series is "The Twilight of Magic." The first in the series (RUNNING OVER RAINBOWS) I wrote years later as a backstory; it's half the length of the others.

    BTW, these days I keep my novels at around 60-80K words so as not to put myself to sleep.

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