THWT Question for 21 MAR 2017



Here’s the first Two Hundred Word Tuesday question for Spring 2017!


What is your highest academic degree and do you use it in your writing career?


Keep Loving!



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  1. I hold a M.A. in comparative lit from the University of Southern California. Do I use it in my writing career? Let me count the ways…

    My overall grasp of language and communication is valuable in constructing a story, developing a plot arc, knowing how to build characters and to put words in their mouth. The many last-minute essays have given me a way to cope with deadlines, and with persnickity editors. My grounding in grammar and style is my foundation for sharp-eyed editing. A knowledge of the world’s literature has taught me how I should try to write; and my appreciation for poetry has defined my personal style.

    So I suppose I could say my academic background comes in handy sometimes.

    Write happy! 😀

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