Melodee’s Rules for Authors — Number Ten



Number Ten

Generally Speaking, Writing Experts Aren’t


I want you to think about something totally unrelated to writing for a minute…

How many people are there professing they are “experts” in social media or search engine optimization (SEO) or various other subjects related to online marketing? Millions? More?

Why are there so many? Because there is a created market for them with the explosive growth in social media and search engine use.

Now, back to writing…

How many people are there out on the Internet claiming to be “experts” at teaching you how to write? Hundreds of thousands? More?

Why are there so many? Because there is a created market for them due to the explosive growth of self-publication from Amazon and other places.

Yeah…everyone thinks they are an author. Many (but by no means all) are just bad writers who self-publish because a real publisher won’t touch them with a ten-foot pole.

Most of the so-called writing experts are failed writers. Not only were they unable to get published, they couldn’t make a living being self-published. They are hacks at best and con-artists at worst.

Think about it…

If they know so much about writing and are so good at it, why aren’t they writing?


You know the answer.


Merry Christmas and

Keep Loving!



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  1. Dear Melodee,

    Amen, sistah! I’m a member of scores of FB groups, and I see pleas all the time from new writers, desperate for writing help. My heart goes out to them, and to friends who’ve hired “editors” to overhaul their MSS.

    We indie writers have created the niche, and we promptly fill the crack with pots. Um, crackpots. They’re making lots of money on our desire to be the next best- selling author.

    I join you in warning my friends and others: beware of those pots. Rely on testimonials from friends and established writers before you sink your money into the pockets of self-professed “experts.”

    Write happy, Erin 😀

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