Melodee Wants to Know – What If “They” Are Responsible?


I need you to look at a recent article…

First of all, the headline is a little misleading. So is the first paragraph. Both make it sound like the bipolar nebulae are in a line across the heavens (from our point of view), but what the researchers are puzzled by is the fact that the axis of these nebulae are all in the same orientation and point in the same direction.

The article hints at a few possible explanations, but there isn’t anything solid yet. More work is clearly needed.

But, what if…

Some advanced alien civilization is fascinated and obsessed with having everything in the same alignment? Sort of a severe case of cosmic OCD.

And what if said space faring obsessive/compulsives are going around, aligning the spin of stars, and then triggering the explosive events that appear, to us, as the bipolar nebulae?

Yeah…all of those butterfly and hourglass shapes in a wondrous array of colors would be pretty all pointing the same direction spread across the galaxy.

Well, unless your home world is in orbit around one of them.

Just wondering…

Keep Loving!


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