Book Review – Thwarting Cupid by Lori Crawford

Thwarting Cupid
Lori Crawford

I like comedy. The reason why is very simple, too: If we don’t laugh, we will cry. Besides, it’s easier to smile than to frown.

For some reason, I found Thwarting Cupid very amusing. Actually, I know exactly why I found it funny, and I’ll tell you about that in a minute. Add to the humor the fact that Lori Crawford has spun a tale full of passion, heat, and love and you have a wonderful story.

Yeah, I liked this book…let me tell you why I liked it and, while we’re at it, why it tickled my funny bone.


First Impression – 5.0 Stars

Lori had me from the short teaser at the opening of the book. Yes, I never even made it to the story itself before I knew I was going to like this one. On this aspect, I’m not really sure why the hook was set so deep in my jaw, but it was. There are some hints of the amusing things I mentioned above here, but it’s more about how Carissa has a passion and lust down inside of her and how she reacts to the man in her life.

Just before the teaser in the review copy, Lori has placed the Cover Copy. In those short paragraphs, Lori does hint at the problems—and the comedic possibilities—yet to come for Carissa, Hutch, and Quincy.

On my first read, I found myself often smiling and even laughing at some of the situations. Quincy, as the Cupid assigned to Carissa, is a basket case. The poor Cupid just can’t seem to get a grasp on reality, and he is running out of tricks to keep Hutch and Carissa apart. I want to make something perfectly clear here…the comedy I speak of is not contained so much in what Lori has written, but it is the situations she creates and the way the reader’s mind runs with them.

In other words, Lori Crawford has mastered the technique of planting a seed in the reader’s brain and letting it grow. This skill is one of the traits of a true, accomplished author.

Story and Plot – 4.5 Stars

One could argue that the storyline and plot of Thwarting Cupid is not new. It’s been said that there are no new stories, only new ways of telling old ones. Literary, stage, film, and TV history is full of stories of angels/cupids trying to keep a couple apart despite the fact that they are destined to be together as soul mates.

But the simple fact is that Lori Crawford has taken this old idea and given it new life in the form of Thwarting Cupid.

The blend of the passion, chemistry, comedy, and intense relationships is nothing short of magical. While I initially found myself comparing Thwarting Cupid to a number of past reboots of this plot line, I soon lost track of that thought chain because of the freshness Lori brings to the story.

Continuity – 5.0 Stars

The story flows well, and Lori’s voice shines through, bringing a relaxed and everyday feel to the settings, dialogs, and situations. I don’t know where Lori lives or where she grew up, but the story has a west coast feel to me…someplace in the southern California, perhaps, but the details of that don’t matter.

Hutch, for example, strikes me as a SoCal beach bum who decided it was time to grow up and actually make a life for himself. He is driven and dedicated, caring and yet still tough. But Hutch hasn’t lost that boyish charm of his younger—and perhaps wilder—days.

On the other hand, Carissa seems more like a New Yorker…she wants to present a certain level of sophistication and poise, but down inside Carissa is still a little girl in many ways. Her situation in life—that is, that she is still alone and single at her age—puzzles her, but she’s still willing to wait for Mr. Right to come along.

And then there’s Quincy…let me tell you about how Quincy evolved in my mind. If I were casting the movie based on Thwarting Cupid—and that may not be much of a stretch—I would portray Quincy as a stereotypical little Jewish man, accent and all. Maybe he was—before becoming a Cupid—an accountant, or maybe a tailor. He is far more competent than even he thinks, very devoted to his job, and just a little clueless about many things in the work-a-day world. A young Woody Alan would make a good Quincy for the movie.

Editing and Mechanics – 5.0 Stars

The technical details are excellent in Thwarting Cupid, and this fact lets Lori Crawford’s voice and style take center stage in the telling of the story. There are almost no editing errors to distract from this wonderful tale, and that is very refreshing.

Overall Rating – 4.9 Stars

I don’t really know what to add.

Thwarting Cupid is an amazing story of love, passion, and life that all readers will enjoy. Missing are many of the distractions of some other books, so you can sit back and spend a wonderful few hours letting Lori Crawford entertain you in her own special way.

You can find Thwarting Cupid at Lyrical Press.

Keep Loving!

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